No ⒉

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No [No Trespassing!]


"Bre! Get your ass down here now!" Yelled my mother's voice from downstairs.

I groaned knowing exactly why she was calling me as I pulled on my joggers. Tying the strings as I slumped my way down the stairs, cussing underneath my breath.

My mother was waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs with her arms crossed. I glared at Leah sitting nearby with that stupid smirk across her face.

Fucking snitch...

"What is it, ma?" I asked redirecting my attention to her.

"Why'd you kick Leah out of the room?"

"Ma, I'm not sharing my room with a stud! Especially not some stranger!"

"Oh, she's no stranger baby girl, you two use to be the bestest of friends when you two were little. Stud or not, there shouldn't be any problems."

"That's a damn lie! I don't recall seeing her whiteass ever before in my life! Plus, the thing is she doesn't have to stay in my room! She can stay in Susanne's!" I argued.

"Bre, you know that's not possible. You know how your sister is. And, you probably don't remember since you were only 5 years old. She's staying in your room, and that's final."

"But, ma—"

"No ifs, ands, or buts about it." She cut me off while glaring me down.

"Nah man, this bullshit!" I shouted storming back up the stairs, "Complete bullshit!"


I stared at Bre in awe as she dramatically taped some red tape across the room floor

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I stared at Bre in awe as she dramatically taped some red tape across the room floor. Once she reached the wall, she then cut the tape and continued it across the entrance of the hallway to the bathroom.

Once she finished, she grabbed my luggage which was partially crossing the line she'd created and threw it on my bed. Dusting off her hands, she stood up straight with her hands on her hips letting out a huff, "Alright, simple shit. You stay on your side. And, I'll stay on mines. Try to trespass onto my side and I'll beat your ass, then slit your throat with some chopsticks. Got it?!"

"I guess... but, how will I use the bathroom?" I ask pointing at the tape near the bathrooms entrance.

"Then, just cross it." She says shooing me off as she lays on her bed.

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