Chapter 1

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"F-faster," Niall moaned as the muscular man increased the speed of his thrusts. It was just another daily routine sex video for Niall and he loved every second of it. Of course, the moans were fake and he actually wasn't enjoying this too much but he still loved sex. Who doesn't?

The taller, bulky man chuckled, leaning in closer to his ears. "You like that don't you, ye little slut!" The thrusts increased in speed and Niall looked at the camera, moaning like a whore. 

He knew that the people who watched all his video were probably lonely, old men but it still earned him a shit ton of money, so he puts a good show of looking at the camera every now and then. People had told him his eyes were beautiful, why not use a good trait to his own advantage?

The entire routine continued for another hour (Viagra was definitely used) before a loud voice bellowed, "cut!" 

Niall slumped on the bed, feeling tired and not even a bit satisfied. Luck was never on his side it seems, every guy he was partnered with was extremely good looking but they either had small dicks or didn't know how to use it right. Or maybe Niall just wasn't an easily pleased person.

"Good job Horan," the Director smiled, pleased by picking Niall. Several people started moving around in the room, some cleaning Niall up while others were busy pushing all the equipment away. People in the porn industry were actually pretty polite, contrary to popular belief. In all the years Niall had worked here, not once had anybody disrespected him. He was always treated like a precious jewel and truth be told, he was actually a jewel to the industry. It seemed like every video which Niall featured in became a hit within a matter of seconds. Niall was just that much in demand. Most of his viewers were old men who had even at times tried stalking him but Niall also had a large female fan following ( can they even be called that?). 

He didn't hate his job at all. He quite liked it. It paid all his bills and it was all because of this job that Niall had managed to complete his university degree. Now you must be wondering why Niall was working as a porn star when he could easily do a much more reputed job? The answer was simple, Niall was tied by a contract, he was owned by the Malik production house for two more years and even though the fake blonde didn't mind it at all, he still at times wished for a much deserved break. To top it all of, Niall loved sex, so everything was good. He didn't have to go out to look for men who might even carry STD's, he got the safest and the prettiest faces to fuck everyday and Niall was content. 

What he didn't expect was to be called into his boss's office right after the shoot. 

"Why does Mr Malik want me?" He asked, fidgeting a little. When everything had been packed away and Niall was dressed in clean trousers and an extremely expensive silk shirt (he's rich, for fucks sake),the Director had very nervously told him that he had been summoned to Mr Malik's office. This in turn made Niall a nervous mess. As far as he knew, the boss never called for anyone in his office unless somebody had stolen some shit from him or betrayed him in any way possible. Niall knew he hadn't done anything like that but that wasn't the reason for his nerves. He had heard rumors about how Mr Malik was a ruthless man and how he was actually never in the office. Everything was monitored from his home and the fact that the man had specially called for Niall when he had entered the building, both shocked and scared Niall. 

"I have no idea. You've been good so you don't have to feel scared. Maybe he wants to give you a promotion?" Niall scoffed. What kind of a promotion was this idiot talking about? He was a porn star for god's sake! The only promotion he'd get was suddenly owning the production house he worked in, which was impossible. 

The Director (whose name Niall didn't bother knowing) stopped in front of a really expensive looking door which had the initials "Z.J.M" engraved at the center in bold, cursive letters.

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