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A few hours later I have surprised myself by still being at the party. Back in Scotland I wasn't interested in parties which is why I never got invited to any. I learned that parties can be a lot of fun to be honest about that. There's dancing, music and games which are about to be played. The popular games are truth or dare and seven minutes of heaven which consits of going in a pantry and making out.
"Truth or dare people come on" Alec shouts and people start coming over. There are a few games of this going on as there is so many people.
Each couple has to be separated from each other's sides and has to sit across from them so that's where I am the now right across from Alec. Alec has the bottle looks at everyone and spins it.
We all spin it lands on Jake
"Truth or dare?" Alec asks
"Truth" Jake looks concerned like he knows what is coming
"Is it true you are still obsessed with babies?" He smirks at Jake who was turning bright red
"Dude it was one time and I was young at the time" he shouts and everyone laughs including me
He spins the bottle and it lands on a girl called Any
"Truth or Dare?"
"Dare" she replies looking determined
" I dare you to sing a Taylor swift song" he looks smug
"Easy" she said and started singing Love Story and boy was she good. Each note was perfect. When she finished everyone clapped and she did a bow. She spun it and it landed in me oh god
"Truth or Dare?" She asks raising an eyebrow
Hm truth or dare ? I don't even know dare could be something terrible? But truth could be private?
"Truth" I say with confidence
"Do you know who attacked you?" Everyone but Emi stopped and looks at me
Should I tell them?
Shouldn't I?
" eh.....yeah" I reply looking down at my lap.
"I know who it was, I don't know the name but I do know"
I quickly spin the bottle and it lands on Alec. He grins at me and I ask the question
"Truth or Dare?" Raising an eyebrow
" Dare" hmmm hard one. Then I test his loyalness. I know that if you refuse then they have to do the opposite option
"I dare you to kiss Amy" I point at Amy and she looks shocked as ever. Well so does Alex
" no no I refuse someone give me truth , I love you too much to through what we have away" I look at him in awe while everyone looked at him with shock.
It was Emi that asked the question
"Do you love Freya?" Everyone turns from him to Alec
" yes I love you" he leans over me and kisses me

A few hours later

"Whooooooooo" I slur, I am somewhat standing on a table dancing, I must be drunk or something as I see the room spinning before my eyes. I can feel the rhyme through the table and everyone is cheering as I start taking shots off Jakes stomach.
"One two three!!!!!" I shout raising the glass to my lips , letting the burning liquid fall down my throat. This is the life, what a way to forget everything and let it go,
"Let it go, let it go can't hold it back anymore!!!!!" I scream taking the last shot and wolfing it down my throat
God this is so much fun and it's also hot in here
I start taking off my dress
"Let's go swim in the pool" after taking off my dress, I try and jump off the table, managed to fall of the table and land on my knees
"Opps" I giggle boy will I feel that in the morning, there is people around me stripping as well and I get up and run out of the patio doors and run towards the pool.
"Calabonga!!!!!" I jump in the pool and I feel the waves from other people jumping in too
"Whoooooo" I splash the other people and they splash back we are all laughing until I spot a face that has haunted my dreams
"Ahhhhhhhhhh" I shout and everyone is looking at  me including the boy
"Get away from me you evil little piece of sh*t" I try to scream at him,  he comes closer and puts his hands on my hips. Everyone is silent
"Calm down what are you on about?" He looks at me confused but he definitely knows
" know let go of me!!" I shout
"LET ME GO" I struggle against his grip on my hips and his hands dig in deeper on my waist, which causes me to cry out  in pain. I bring my knee up and knee him where the sun doesn't shine
"Ow you bitch you deserved to be attacked you filthy cow, first Emi now Alec you SLUT!!!" He shouts
"How dare you speak to her like that" Alec comes to my rescue and punches him in the nose. Leaving the boy groaning in the pool , Alec comes over to me and hugs me
"What she didn't tell you what went on between her and Emi" the boy shouts and Alec goes ridged, he lets go of me and turns around
"What?" Alec asks
"Nothing went on" shouts Emi who has now grabbed the boy
"You attacked her? Why? Because I became friends with her, because she is a better friend than you? She hasn't done anything wrong you dumbass!!!!!" He shouts
"Someone phone the police.....NOW!!!!" Emi shouts , he turns to the boy
"You deserve to be in jail"
A few minutes later the police arrive
"Is this the boy who attacked you?" The young police officer asked
"Yes that is him definitely" I nod
"Right handcuff him and let's go" the boy gets handcuffed and he glares at me
"You won't get away with this bitch don't you worry" he gets taken away
Alec, Emi, Jake and Jason came over to me and group hugged me
"I'm so sorry" Emi whispers
I sigh in relief
"So what did happen between you two?" Alec looks between us both
Me and Emi look at each other, I sigh and began to tell the story.

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