Chapter 10- Sex God

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Chapter 10- Sex God

I let out a scream as the ice cold water covers my body. I push against the floor of the pool with my feet and come up for air, gasping and sputtering. Dylan is already out the water and he is laughing at me. His body is soaked and there is water dripping down his shirtless torso.

Ugh, I hate you so much! You sexy piece of shit!

Dylan dives back into the pool again and then wraps an arm around my waist and lifts me up and out of the water.

He looks down at my body and I follow his gaze and that's when I remember I'm wearing a white dress. All I have under my dress is Ruby's bikini. The dress is clinging to my body.

My cheeks heat up as Dylan checks me out. I look up and Dylan is smiling, he walks towards me and leans his forehead against mine. I would be irritated about this but he is drunk so for once I don't think he is doing it to piss me off, although I'm pretty damn pissed off considering I am wet and absolutely freezing.

"You're hot for a nerd, you know?" He whispers and his minty breath hits my face. Damn it, everything about him is perfect and it's pissing me off because I can't make fun of him for anything.

Oh ha ha, you have an awesome body with a six pack and look like a fucking sex god and you're breath smells good, not to mention your voice sounds sexy as fuck and you have an awesome house and an awesome car and almost everyone worships you and your hair looks so soft and I just want to touch it... Ha ha.

Yeah, that wouldn't turn out well...

"Uh, thanks." I say, I'm not going to take anything that Dylan says seriously because not long ago I watched him hump an umbrella and make out with Sebastian's cake, so he is definitely drunk.

Dylan spins around and starts walking away and some random girl walks up to him and starts making out with him, he just kisses her back.

Ugh, ya lil nasties.

I roll my eyes and walk away. "Maya! There you are!" Ruby shouts and runs towards me. "Like, there was this really cute guy that started talking to me and I turned around and a few minutes and when I turned back you were just gone."

I laugh, "Yeah Sebastian bumped into me and then Dylan threw me in the pool." I say, looking down at Ruby's wet dress that is clinging to my body. She followed my gaze and laughed. "Sucks to be you. Although, it really doesn't. I mean, you get Dylan Thompson touching you all the time and Sebastian McLain flirting with you and shit. I don't even care about Dylan he is a huge player but Sebastian," Ruby sighs dreamily, "He is so perfect and he is a gentleman and he is really hot." I chuckle, "Looks like someone has a crush on Sebastian." I say.

Ruby goes red and starts denying it immediately.

"I definitely do not like Sebastian." Ruby states.

"Oh, but you do." I grin.


Sorry for the short chapter but the next chapter shall be better ;) see you soon xxx

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