Chap 31: Picture Perfect

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A/N: Had to do 45 days worth of homework in one day is not fun, so I decided to not do it and be prepared to be suspended! And here's an update!  And also, I haven't done this in so long, I literally had to read the last three chapters because I forgot where I left off, lulz. ALSO, I'm thinking of doing Pricefield oneshots! SO yeah.......................................... Hi.

   Walking into  her truck, you sat on the familiar red leather seats, waiting for your brother to leave the garage on his 'Stolen' motorcycle. You feel a slender arm snake around your shoulder and grip your arm. Pulling you closer to her, you rest your head on her chest as her chin rests comfortably on top of your head. She starts moving her jaw in an unexplained pattern, sending vibrations all over your skull, you giggle as you push her away. Scrunching your nose before landing your fist on her shoulder, watching her lips separate as she erupts into laughter. After the two of you calmed down, you stare into her blue eyes before glancing at the lips that were just ridiculing you. She opens her mouth, trying to speak, but closed them again. Swallowing saliva down her throat, truning her head behind her and glanced at the garage.

  "I'm really glad that Michael and you are cool now." You said, diverting the atttention to the relationship between your lover and your brother.

  "To be fair, he really should be angry at me. I mean- I don't know. I'm just glad we can put the past behind us." A chain of roars sounded from the garage, you see a familiar gray motorcycle appear out of the house. He drives his vehicle and parked it beside Chloe's truck.

  "Ready to go, Price?"

  "I'm always ready to go." She said before shooting a glance a you. You scrunched your face in emmbarassment as Michael shakes his head before putting on his helmet.

  "Not in front of me, not in fucking front of me." Chloe chuckles in her own accomplishment and drived towards her house.

  On the way there, she purposly brakes in irational moments just to mess with Michael. However, at the last time when she brakes to stop in the driveway, Michael refuses to believe her and kept going. You and Chloe exploding into laughter as you watched Michael slowly disappear from your vision. Chloe left the truck and made her way into the house. You followed closely behind as you took out your phone and started texting Michael.

  'Yo dumbass giant! Make your way around and stop at 44 Cedar Avenue!'

  Ascending up the stairs, Chloe pushed opened her door. Before you could enter the room, you see Joyce open another door behind you.

  "(Y/N)! Glad to see you're here again with, Chloe." She pauses before saying her daughter's name.

  "Yeah, hi Joyce!" You say as you try to put on the biggest smile your face could handle. Joyce seemed unconvinced, but she let it slide because she looks like she's busy off to somewhere.

  "I'm going to make my way back to the diner now, you and Chloe have fun now you hear! And Chloe?" You step aside to allow Chloe's mother to have a sight of her.

  "Make sure you do the thing I asked you to, ok?"

  "Yeah yeah mum, see ya!" She says as she pulls you in her room and closes the door in her mother's face.

"That was kinda rude." You said to Chloe, who was making her way to the badly made bed. Seeing it sent butterflies all over, remembering the night of the pool. Yes, you're still not over it. She took out her phone and texted someone before shoving the device back into her pocket. She sits by the edge of her as she separates her arms and called you over.

  "Come here." She said, almost in a commanding tone. But you were too overwhelmed at the moment, seeing her red flannel shirt wrap around her frame tightly, strands of azure blue hair dangling in oblivion as the smirk on her face grew wider.

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