Chapter 9

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I combined all of your guys' ideas. BTW pic at the top is what's used in this chapter. If you can see it, its vibrating anal beads, a jaw breaker ball gag, and a sex chair. Bai!


I kept whining and complaining to Daddy that I was bored because I was. There was nothing on TV except commercials. Jeffree Star was on, but I had seen all of his episodes. (Just pretend in this Jeffree Star has a make-up show) Daddy was working or busy or, I don't know, so I couldn't do anything with him...I was bored. "Baby, what if I call Tony and him and Mike come over?" I smiled and jumped up from the couch, where I was rolling around and complaining. I nodded, "Yes, Yes, Yes! Please?" I squealed excitedly.


Mike and I sat on the couch, just talking. It was great catching up. "Hey, wanna go up to my room, Mikey? I can show you all of my cool stuff Daddy bought for me." It was still a little embarrassing saying "Daddy" in front of Mike...but, he was cool with it. "Sure..." He said with a smile. Mike and I ran up the stairs to my room while Daddy and Tony went out into the garden to talk. We jumped onto my bed and laid there, "So, how was Tony? You know, when you both first met?" I asked. Mike sighed and smiled, "He was really nice. He made sure I was always comfortable and happy and I never really got punished." He explained. I smiled, "That's good. I got in trouble when I was here the...second or third day." Mike turned to me and chuckled, "Why?" I started blushing as I bit my lip, "Well...I started watching some videos and...I went into Daddy's room and took one of his toys and started using it in my room...he came home and I got into a lot of trouble..." I admitted shyly. Mike laughed, "Seriously? Oh my God."

I pouted. "It's not funny, I was embarrassed." He stopped laughing, smiling at me. His phone buzzed and he looked at it, frowning slightly. "Man...I gotta go. Tony wants to leave. I'll text you tomorrow, Vic." Mike said, hugging me. I smiled and hugged him back, "Bye, Mikey...I'll see you later."

It was probably five minutes after Mike left when I got up and walked down the hall. I noticed a door open, so I walked in and looked around. I think this was Daddy's office...

Wow, it's so pretty in here. There was a big, reddish brown desk that had some papers stacked on it neatly. It was so cool in here. I heard someone clear their throat, making me jump and spin around. There was Daddy, staring at me with a mad look and his arms crossed.

"This is my playroom. Do not go in there without my permission, same as my room and office."

"D-Daddy...I'm sorry...I thought you were in here...I-" Daddy shook his head and walked up to me, walking around me. "You broke a rule, know that means punishment..." I swallowed hard as I felt my cheeks burn up, "I-It does?" He nodded, "Follow me to the playroom..." He said lowly. I bit my lip and nodded, following him to the playroom and watching as he closed and locked the door.

He smirked at me, "Get on your stomach on the red chair." I looked over and frowned, "This is a chair?" I asked, doing as told. He chuckled and nodded, taking off my clothes, "It's a sex chair." Once I was naked he rummaged through his things, pulling out a small, black, plastic bag and tearing it open. He walked over to me and held up something that looked like a jaw breaker attached to a rubber, black band. "Open up." I opened my mouth and Daddy put the jaw breaker in it, wrapping this black band around my head. "Mmm mm...?" I said...well, I couldn't really say. It was muffled by the candy. "You know what this is, Baby?" I shook my head. Daddy smirked, "It's a jaw breaker ball gag. It's good for keeping you quiet."

I blushed and gasped when Daddy handcuffed me to the sex chair, using those same fuzzy green cuffs. I couldn't exactly see what he was doing, but next thing I know I feel something small and kind of ball-shaped push into me, and then its thinner. And then there's another bigger ball. I turned my head as far as I could, "Mmm?" I asked. Daddy smiled, "This toy, my Darling, is called Anal Beads. You like how they feel?" I blushed furiously and nodded, sucking on the sweet jaw breaker. The anal beads kept pushing into me, making me tighten around them...but, the thing that really made me tighten a lot was when the beads started vibrating. I moaned around the candy and pulled at the cuffs, "You like that, Baby?" I nodded. I felt something run up my thigh...something I recognized as the paddle. It hit my bottom and I moaned around the jaw breaker. Woah...I liked that. It hurt...but, I liked it.

The anal beads buzzed harder and faster and Daddy hit my bottom with the paddle harder, making me cry out. Daddy chuckled, "You like this? You like your punishment?" I blushed and nodded. "You gonna cūm?" I nodded. Then Daddy started pulling out the toy and...oh my goodness.

The balls felt amazing coming out of me...I moaned and squirmed as Daddy pulled out the toy at a teasingly slow pace. "You wanna know why some lube is flavored...?" I blushed and nodded. So...that sticky stuff was called "lube". I whined when I felt Daddy kiss and lick at my bottom. Oh, okay...he started licking my entrance and I whined even louder, gasping as his tongue pushed into me. I pushed back against his tongue, moaning loudly as I could feel myself becoming super close. "Mmph." I tried to warn. Daddy chuckled and starting touching me, making me push against both his tongue and his hand.

He started spanking me, slapping my bottom and rubbing it softly. I couldn't believe it, but I could feel myself getting even closer as he kept spanking me. I'll have to ask Daddy about that later.

"Mmmm!" I cried, cūmming onto the sex chair and falling against it tiredly. Daddy pulled away from my bottom, took the cuffs off, and took away the gag, making me pout. "What?" He asked. "Can I have the jaw breaker? It was yummy." I said shyly. Daddy sighed, but pullers the black strap off of the jaw breaker and hamdeds the candy to me. I smiled, taking it from him and licking it. Daddy smiled, "So...did you learn your lesson?" I smiled, "Well...if this is how punishment will be...I think I will break more rules."

So! What's upupup? I'm boooored BTW. Oh! I have some ideas, but if you guys want a chapter dedicated to you, you can send me some ideas! Luv ya guys! Bai!

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