Play 49: Selected Faces

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I blinked in confusion, staring into the white space. "He?" The words finally escaped from my mouth. "He who?"

I could swear that the voice rolled his--or her--eyes at me. "You know who I am talking about."

It took me a few more seconds before a name struck in my mind. "Erm, don't tell me it's Okita Souji," I laughed it off jokingly.

"Yes it is." The voice giggled in the oh-so-familiar-way.

Slience filled the air as I struggled to say something, but no matter how many times my mouth opened and closed, I couldn't. After all, it couldn't be Souji--he said that the only thing he cared was the Shinsengumi after all.

"Well, now that you registered that into that dense head of yours, let's go back." The voice assumed that I had accepted that piece of information, but I hadn't. That voice was lying to me.

I held up a hand. "You've gotta be kidding. And who the hell are you anyway? You sound like someone I know..." I frowned as I tried to search my mind hastily.

The voice burst into laughter. "That's why I say you're dense...Anyway, you can't stay here longer. Let's go already!"

Shaking my head, I shifted my foot uncomfortably. "I can't go back. I need to stay dead. Chizuru and I..." I drifted off. Maybe if I hadn't meet the Shinsengumi, Souji wouldn't be pressured into drinking that Water Of Life.

"No you do not. If you die, nothing will come undone." The voice sighed. "I know you think by dying you can put a reset to everything, but let's face it. When you die, really die, the world will still continue. Without the two of you."

"Then..." My mind flashed images of Daisuke, Satoshi, my parents, my servants, and finally every faces that I knew in the Shinsengumi. They would be sad, wouldn't they? Well, I couldn't say much about my parents, but I knew I would hate to see everyone I cared for be devastated. "Fine." I spoke, my voice quiet. "Bring me back."


Although I was awake, I couldn't move a limb. My entire body hurt to the core, as if I just ran around the world without stopping to catch a single breath. At least I could move my eyes. I glared up at the ceiling, cursing sliently at my disability.

"She's awake!" Someone not in my vision yelled, and then Yuri came into view. "Are you okay?" I glowered at her in response, before shutting my eyes. "Yup, she's alright. She still has the strength to glare at me..."

"Now for the medicine..." I could hear Yuri pouring something into a cup, and then the sounds of stirring. "Here."

I then heard Yuri passing the cup to someone, and there was shuffling as the person drank from it. The shuffling came closer before it stopped, and I cracked open my eye to see who it was.

"What the shit!?" Despite the numbing pain in my body, I crawled away backwards as soon as I see who it was.

"What's the matter, Jun-chan? You have to drink the medicine or the poison in your body would stay." Yuri's eyes lowered in mischief as I scowled at Eri, whose cheeks were puffed up.

"I can do it myself!" I hissed in frustration. "There's no need for a kid" I gritted my teeth. "Feed me, mouth-to-mouth!"

Eri glanced at me, and then to Yuri, who sighed in exasperation. "Well, everyone's busy right now, so I can't possibly ask them to feed you..." She trailed off and grinned. "Of course, I'm sure if I ask politely, Okita Souji would be glad to--"

My cheeks flushed red. "Don't you even dare to think about that!"

Yuri stared at me, shaking her head. "You're so inflexible, Jun-chan. Think about Eri's feelings..." Eri, in response, swallowed the medicine in his mouth and nodded sadly. Yuri snapped her head at him furiously. "Hey! You're not supposed to drink that!"

I rubbed my forehead, suddenly tired. "Whatever, just give me the medicine and I'll drink it myself."

Yuri and Eri looked at me and then smiled at each other. "How about...this?" With a blink of an eye, Yuri turned into Satoshi, and Eri into Souji. My jaw dropped in astonishment. "Now, who do you want?"

"Hey hey hey!" I blinked as Yuri's--no, now Satoshi's--voice sounded exactly like the real deal. "This isn't funny!"

"Yes it is," Eri--no, Souji--spoke, smirking like how the real one always did. My heart jumped at the sight.

"Even if you do look like Souji, you aren't him!" I blurted out, flustered.

Eri stared at me for a moment before shooting me a sad smile--the same one that Souji had gave me when we almost kissed.

Uh-oh. I knew this wasn't the real Okita Souji, but it was seriously bad for my heart. Eri noticed the look on my face, and his eyes twinkled naughtily.

"Stop!" I squeaked as he edged closer. "I surrender, okay!? Please, just let me off already!"

Satoshi--Yuri--was just chuckling, watching Eri--Souji--fooling around with me. "Why don't you just admit your feelings for Okita Souji then?" She--or he--was smirking in an almost evil way.

I held out my hands at him, trying to shield myself. "What's the point? Just--go away, Eri! I can't take this!"

The door suddenly slid open, and I glanced up to see another Souji. As my heart pounded loudly, my head spun as I realised how the situation looked like to the real one. Eri-Souji was almost on top of me as I tried to push him away, my face tomato red.

"S-Souji!" I managed to kick the fake one in the stomach, causing him to turn back into Eri. I shot up from the floor hysterically. "This...This is a huge misunderstanding! Eri was trying to feed me the medicine--but not in your form, but--" My vision became blurry as my mind raced. I blacked out pathetically, but not before I felt someone catching my fall.



I know maybe it sounds like excuses, but seriously, I was so busy I can't even play my otome games...Sniff. Sorry. I'm really sorry. Sorry.

Please do enjoy the story, and once again thank you for being patient with me.

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