Soon the tardy bell rings. Allison and I close our lockers and run to French class.


After class I see Jackson waiting for me in the hall.

"Hey, I expected you to be with Lydia... or home," I say motioning to his shoulder.

"Nah, Lydia can wait and it doesn't hurt that much. I'm going to the doctors later today.


I notice Lydia looking at us with a glare and for some reason I get a little uncomfortable. I mean I am with her boyfriend.

"Are you still playing in the game?" I ask worried for the answer.

"Um... Yeah I am."

"Jackson you can't play in the game. You could get more hurt then you are."

"Abigail, its fine. I'll be okay. It's already starting to heal." He starts moving his elbow in circle wincing each time.

"Jackson, I'm not letting you play in that game."

Soon Jackson grabs me by the arm and leads me to a corner where Lydia can't see us.

"Abigail," he grabs my forearms. Then he start moving his hands to my hands now holding them. "I will be perfectly fine. Just trust me."

I look into his eyes. "Okay, just answer a question for me."


I start to listen to his heart beat. I need to see if he's scared. "Are you scared?"

"No," his heart beats fast. He just lied to me...

He embraces me in a hug and I swear I hear his heart skip a beat.

"Be careful," I say.

He smiles. Then he walks away.

After school I decide I should go to Derek's so he can give me a better explanation on werewolves and the supernatural.

"Derek!" I yell when I get there.

In an instant he's down on his porch. "You called?"

"Yeah, okay so what exactly is a werecoyote?"

"Well," he says stepping closer to me. "Its basically just a werewolf but instead of a wolf, it's a coyote. They tend to be a little more verocious then werewolves... Why are you asking?"

"No reason," I say. "I promised Michael I wouldn't tell anybody and I'm certainly not telling Derek.

"Are you sure," he says raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah," I say. "So, I want to know more about the supernatural."

"I'm afraid you'll have to learn as you go, or you'll get confused."

Seriously I came all the way out here, to get no answers.

"Okay, then I want to learn more about werewolves."

"What is there much to learn. You got bit, every full moon you turn into a killing machine."

"Can you just drive me home?" I asked a little annoyed.


He gets into the drivers seat so I follow by getting into the passengers seat. With getting no serious help, Derek drives me home.


Once I get home, my mom and dad are waiting in the living room again. Please don't be for me.

"Abigail," they say together.


I sit down across from them like normal.

"Let me guess," I say, "Abigail, you still haven't given us an answer. We need to know as soon as possible-"

"So you can start your training," my dad finishes.

"Listen," I say. "I'm not going to say yes unless me or any of my friends and family members are hurt or attacked by these werewolves."

"The only one that would hurt someone right now is the alpha," my dad says.

"The alpha?" I cock my eyebrow.

"Yes, the alpha. He has already hurt many people. Maybe even murdered. That's why I came back to this town. I need to find this alpha and I don't think I can do it with out you."

I stare at my dad with a blank expression. "Fine," I say, "I'll help."


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