Killua's POV

Weeks past and everything settled nicely. I got along with Cole the way I did in the karaoke and the tension between (y/n) and Quin has some what diminished. Let's just say they can now be in the same room as each other without exploding now. And (y/n) was definitely right, there is never a boring day here.

There is always something to do, something new, every morning. And you always have to watch out for the twins because they are always playing tricks.

I opened the door wide before stepping in to the kitchen, just to make sure something wasn't gonna fall on my head. When nothing happened, I walked in. Although as I stepped though the door way, my foot pulled a string causing ice cold water to pour down on me.

"God damnit!" I growled as I shivers ran up my spine. I heard there devilish and witty laughs across the room as I rub my eyes.

"It actually worked!" One of them cackled. "That was gold!" The other snorted.

(Y/n) was there too. She chuckled and handed me a towel. "They have been waiting for that all day."

I sighed and took a seat. We had a small meal together. "So what's on today's agenda?" I asked finishing my food.

"Don't know yet." (Y/n) answered whipping the crumbs off her face. Then she smiled, "I could go for some dessert though. Do you guys still play that one game?" She asked the twins.

Their eyes lit up. Simultaneously, they shouted, "Cake Away!"


We all stood outside, we had a huge three layered chocolate cake with us making me drool almost. Kian and Kaden explained Cake Away.

"Cake Away is a game that we made up a when we were kids. It started when mom brought us a big cake to share." One of them began. I will never be able to tell them apart. "Neither of us wanted to share so we came up with this as a solution."

The other one continued, "The point is to keep the cake for yourself. Don't let the cake get stolen away from you. To win, you have to take the cake to the bell tower and ring the bell." He said pointing to a tall building a distance away. "In the case that the cake gets ruined, the person responsible has to buy or make a new cake and serve it to the others and is not allowed to have any cake."

"It could be more fun with more people." A familiar voice said from behind us.

It was Cole and Quin.

(Y/n) smirked. She was always up for some competition. She always got super competitive when it was against someone she hated. "Go ahead and try, you're not gonna win."

"So where does the cake start?" Cole asked.

"How about a non playing party?" Another familiar voice said.

This tike it was Alluka with Calix walking close behind her.

"You want to start out with the cake?" (Y/n) asked dubiously.

"You realize once the game starts Every one is going to charge at you for the cake." I asked worriedly.

"I can do it!" She reassured.

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