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"Niall! Why are you still asleep it's almost 12" Quinn says, walking into my room? I open my eyes staring at her standing in her workout clothes.

"I'm just tired" I say, stretching out pain blows through the lower half of my body. I bite down on my tongue curling back up.

"Come on, let's go work out I want to tell you about last night" she says.

"O-Okay.... I'll meet you downstairs" I say, she nods leaving the room closing the door behind her. I slowly sit up, groaning in pain. I climb out of bed and slowly getting dressed making sure I cover the red marks on my wrist and ankles. I leave my room walking down the hallway just as Harry's door opens.

"Good morning pet" he purrs, I look up at him.

"Good morning" I say.

"Where are you going"

"Quinn and I are going to work out" I say, he eyes me before smiling.

"You seem sore already" he says, slapping my eyes I grunt, before glaring at him.

"She can hear you" I hiss, he smirks.

"No, she can't" he whispers.

"Niall! Come on!" Quinn yells, from the bottom of the staircase.

"Coming!" I yell, Harry grabs my wrist pulling me into his chest.

"Get nice and sweaty for Daddy yeah?" he whispers, I pull away and quickly rush downstairs. We go to the private gym in the basement I start on the treadmill and Quinn starts on the punching bag.

"So how was your night" I say.

"Liam is amazing, he's so funny, sweet, and he's a like huge teddy bear" Quinn gushes, I smile. "We spent all night talking about my life growing up, talking about you, talking about his EX"

"It sounds like you had a good time" I say.

"He really understands me Niall, and it's exciting" she says, I speed up the treadmill. "How was your night"

Last night flashes in my mind, Harry's hands, his fingers, his lips.

"Boring, I just read and pretended to try to talk to you through the door" I lie.

"Well thanks for covering for me, you're the real MVP" Quinn says.

"Anything for you" I say.

After we work out, we have a light brunch and then I take a shower. Quinn just rinses off and gets ready to practice diving. I get dressed and grab my book to watch her from the pool side.

"Did you get a nice work out in?" Harry asks, as I walk down the stairs.

"Yes" I say, his eyes can my body.

"Last night was fun, right?" Harry says, I blush looking down at the floor. "You don't have to be shy with my baby boy" he says, he leans down his lips brushing me against my ear. "Maybe next time It won't have to be a punishment" he whispers, I pull away and walk quickly outside taking my seat. It was getting colder outside but Harry's pool was heated and it didn't bother Quinn at all.

"Liam said he was going to come to my swim try outs tomorrow, and he was going to bring Zayn and Louis you guys hit it off, right?" she says.

"They were night guys" I say.

"Did you think any of them were cute?" Quinn drops beside me on her towel, I look at her.

"They're nice but they don't seem me like my type" I say.

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