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Ashley woke up to the sound of sloshing water coming from the bathroom. He rolled over and noticed the bed was cold.

Apparently she'd been in there for a while.

With a groan he pulled himself out of the comfort of his bed and wandered towards the bathroom. His girl was hunched over the toilet, emptying the contents of her stomach.

"Are you cheating on me with the toilet again?" he teased, pulling her hair back so no chunks got caught in it.

"Ash," Scarlett, wiping her chin. "For the last time; that was the showerhead and you decided to use it. Besides, you already got rid of it." She gestured towards the porcelain showerhead that didn't match the rest of the chrome appliances. Ashley chuckled slightly.

"Well, I wouldn't want to have any competition." He said, not quite sure she heard him since she resumed puking.

"I wonder how long the morning sickness is supposed to lasts." She gasped when she could breathe again.

"Hopefully, not that long." Ashley replied, peeking into their bedroom to check the time. His alarm blinked 5:04 back at him from his nightstand.

"Ugh, I want that showerhead back." She groaned, wiping her mouth. "It wouldn't get me pregnant." Ashley chuckled.

"You never know, Babe”.

 she glared at him before pulling herself towards the toilet again. "You're never going to touch me again without a condom after this." She hissed, looking away from the disgusting mess in the toilet.

"You know…" Ashley started, a certain thought running around his head as he stared at the back of his girlfriend's head. "Do you want our child to be American or British cause if you wanted them to be a British citizen they’d have to be born in England…” he stopped and cursed his tired mind. If he had been wide awake instead of falling asleep in the bathroom he would've know he didn’t need to ask her that and she was in no mood to answer pointless and ill thought out questions. The baby was gonna be born in America end of.

Luckily; he was saved from his girlfriend's wrath as more food found its way into the toilet.

"I'd kill you for that but I want this child to know its father." She said, dry heaving into the toilet.

"Lucky me." Ashley smirked, rubbing her back in the hope it would ease the sickness on her stomach.

“Ok, I think theres nothing left in there to upchuck” Scarlett groaned, turning back round to Ashley “Thanks giving food going up isn’t as good as it tastes going down” he chuckled, standing then helping her up to her feet.

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