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Intro..... 💋

Trust no player.Fear no bitch. Give no pussy. Suck no dick; people play games and full of shit, play the role and be THE BADDEST BITCH

My name is Gabriella martin. I was Born in Jamaica, my father was one of the biggest drug lords and he started to teach me how to defend myself using a gun at a young age. I knew he planned on giving me his empire when I turned 18 but one day after school I went home and both my parents were killed. I told myself I had to take revenge on whoever did it.  Lucas my aunt's  son now runs my father's empire.

I had to move and live with my grandma until a year, my aunt Fish in LA  later sent for me at age 16. She was a known drug lord too and she made me her personal assistant.  One day she  gave me a gun to shoot some guy that stole from her, to see if i had guts, I just took the gun and shot the guy in his head then his body guards she was impressed so she made me her personal assasinist (btw I made that up word )my street name is icy ....Well welcome to my life 🔫💔

Gabriella's P.O.V

"Shut the fuck up" I said. The guy was on his knees begging, fuck I Don't got time for this shxt  I just shot him in the head call the cleaning crew and left. I went home got  in the shower and srubbed ma self and went to bed. the next morning I woke up and heard noises downstairs so I know twas ma aunt , I took a quick shower brushed ma teeth did ma hygiene and put on ma sweat ,crop top and did ma hair in a messy bun since Iwas mixed with Indian an went downstairs."Hey aunt" I said, "hey gab" she replied.

she was making breakfast so I sat on the patio and waited until she was finished and we ate.

"Gabi I wanna talk to you about a new task" she said, "okay aunt where the files at? " I replied , usually the files contain the personal info of the person I'm supposed to take out. She went in her office and I followed  she soon took out a big ass file, "Damn aunt " I semi yelled. She open it up and shoved it to me.

When I looked at it I saw this light skinned guy with hazel eyes , I was staring for like 5 mins at his picture instead of his personal info then I looked down and  saw C.E.O of Manning's hotel Etc...didn't really wanna know the rest Fish was gonna tell me anyway. "What's the motive?" I asked, "well you're going to go undercover as his personal assistant for a while until I order you to take him out, I want to take over his company but I'll give you more info later about what to do " she said as I nodded.

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