Learning How To Dress Yourself Part 2 and Alec

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She put her left arm in the left sleeve.

"Now your other arm in the other sleeve" I said.

She put her right arm in the right sleeve.

"Now you put your head in the big hole" I said.

She did. I smiled.

"Good. Now your pants. Stand up" I said.

She stand up.

"Now grab your pants and put them down" I said.

She grabbed her pants and put them down. Then she climbed out of them.

"Good" I said.

I grabbed her night pants.

"Now put your legs in the holes" I said.

She put her left leg in the left hole. Then she put her right leg in the right hole.

"Now you pull them up" I said.

She grabbed her pants and pull them up.

"Good job" I said.

Mom and Dad smiled. I looked over at Nessie. She was still on the phone with Jacob but she had a smile on her face. I looked over at Jeff. He was now asleep. Gosh! That was fast!

"Ok. Bed time" Mom said to Beth.

Beth groaned. I giggled quietly. I grabbed her and lade her down on the left side so I can get in when I go to bed. I looked over at Mom. She had a pink blanket. I grabbed it and put it on Beth. I grabbed her doll and gave it to her. She took it and closed her eyes. I smiled. Mom and Dad smiled too. Then they closed they door quietly as they left. I looked over at Nessie.

"Ok. Bye" She said.

Then she haggled up. She looked over at Beth and smiled.

"That was fast" She said quietly.

I nodded. Then we heard something. I looked over Beth. She sat up looking around. I looked over at Jeff. He had a "What the heck was that" look. Nessie and I looked around the room. We heard the window opened. We all turned and saw Alec.

"What the heck Alec! Beth and Jeff were asleep"  I yelled quietly.

"Sorry" Alec said.

"You know Dad might kill you if he comes in here" Nessie said.

"I know" He said.

He walked over to Jeff. Jeff gave him a "What the heck" look. I laughed quietly so did Alec. Then he walked over to me and Beth. Beth gave him a "I'm going to kill you if you wake me or my brother up again" look. I giggled while Alec looks shocked.

"She is just like me when I was that little" I said.

Nessie laughs a bit.

"I know. I was the good one while you were the evil one" She said.

I laughed a bit.

"And I'm still am the evil one" I said with a evil grin.

Nessie looks like she just want to laugh her butt off. She started laughing. Then Beth started laughing. Jeff had a "What the heck is going on" look. Then Mom walked in saw Nessie and Beth laughing their butts off.

"I thought you were asleep" She said to Beth.

"She was but Alec woke her and Jeff up" I said giving Alec a glare.

Alec signed. Mom looked at him.

"Ok. What are guys laughing at" She asked.

 I told her after I was done she started laughing a bit. Then Dad walked in and when he saw Alec. He gave him a glare. Then I told Dad why Beth and Jeff is woke and why Beth and Nessie were laughing. Dad smiled a bit.

"Well, you got that from your mother" He said.

We all laughed even Jeff and Alec laughed expect Mom. She was giving Dad a glare.

"Whatever" She said with smile.

Then we all calmed down.

"Ok. Back to bed" Mom said to Beth and Jeff.

They nodded. They lade down and closed their eyes. Then they fell asleep. Mom walked out. But Dad is giving Alec a glare. I looked over at the clock. It said 10:00. Nessie walked over to the closet and grab her night clothes. Then she walked out. I looked over at Dad.

"What are you doing here" He said growling quietly.

"To see my mate, daughter, and son" Alec said giving Dad a glare back.

"Well, I still don't trust you" Dad said.

"Well, your daughter Rose does" Alec said.

Dad looks at me. I nodded. Dad signs.

"Fine" He said.

Then he walked out. Nessie walks in and she is in her night clothes. I walked over to my clothes and grab some night clothes. I walked out and walked in the bathroom. After I was done I walked in the bedroom. Alec is siting on my bed. Nessie is asleep on her bed. I walked over to my bed. Alec moved out of the way. I lade down and closed my eyes. Then I fell asleep.


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