Chapter 11

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Reader's POV

Tap, tap, tap, tap. It was all you heard, enough to wake you up that is. Tap, tap, tap. It was faster now. You slowly got up and looked for your bag, but it wasn't there.

As you were about to deploy your weapon, you were tackled. Instead of being attacked though, you were hugged, by a person with pink hair.

You looked at their face, and was taken aback. It was Natsu. You spoke slowly,"What are you doing?"

He just smiled at you, before hugging you again, tighter. He rested his head onto your stomach. You heard a muffled,"Don't leave me... Besides, I'd die too, haha since you my...mate."

He said these quietly hoping you wouldn't hear. But, you did and it hit you like a rock. You knew him well, since you had been with the group for about five months now.

You were going to question, but you just, almost unconsciously, kissed his forehead. "I won't." You said quietly.

You stayed like that, surprisingly, it was comfortable. He got up, letting you feel the blank space he left.

What made you feel saddened was, he was crying. You got up to, touched foreheads, wiping a tear with your thumb. You hugged him. "What's wrong."

He just cried harder into your shoulder. "Don't leave me. Please don't leave us. Fairy Tail loves you. I love you." He said the last part unconsciously, but you didn't care right now.

The famous Natsu Dragneel is crying over, me. Me of all people.

He looked at you again with tears flooding his eyes. "I'm sorry." He said.

His eyes turned into something you couldn't explain. He had little fire reflections in his eyes. He walked over to the water portal.

Then, he evaporated it. Just like that. He didn't care. And honestly at that moment, nor did you. You were kind of happy.

He walked over to you, unexpected lust filling his eyes. "You aren't leaving."

You gaped, with wide eyes. He walked closer, and you walked backwards.

This 'game' continued until you hit a rock, and fell. He walked around and sat gently on your stomach. Eyes still wide, he kissed you.

Butterflies in you stomach swarmed. You kissed back, not knowing what to do. What saddened you was he pulled away.

"Sorry it's just, it's... Mating season and I know your my mate and..." He trailed off. You smiled and hugged him.

You could tell he was exhausted, probably from trying to find you, you sang gently in his ear, while grabbing your guitar out of the bag he must've stolen, next to him.


You smiled. You felt his body go limp, and fall into a world of dreams and sleep.

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