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Summary: You show Matt a new game, resulting in him getting way too addicted. (Requested, even though I changed it a tad bit! :3)

What to know:
G/N- Game name (I couldn't come up with a name)

Your POV
     You walked through the door with a small plastic bag in your hand. Matt looked over his shoulder, and smiled. "Welcome back!" You smiled back, and made your way to the couch.
     Halfway there, Matt told you to stop. "Wait," he sharply whispered, eyeing the bag. You chuckled. "That says GameStop on it." He noted. You nodded.
     "It does." You teased.
     "Show." Matt tells you. Still laughing, you sat down next to Matt, and let him open the bag.
     "What's this?" He asked, flipping the thin box over.
     "It's a game!" You excitedly told him. He didn't seem impressed.
     "G/N," He read. "Never heard of it. What's it about?" You shoved him.
     "You have the ability to read you know." He shoved you back.
     "I'll check it out later. Thanks," He kissed your cheek, and got up. "I have to finish recording a theory. Maybe I'll pop it in after!" He walked away, leaving you alone with the new game.
                              • • •
     You had told Matt that you would get dinner, so you drove to the store.
     When you came back, you headed to "Matt's closet", and tapped it with your knuckles gently.
     "You done?" You softly asked. "I need help with the groceries." When you didn't hear an answer, you slid it open.
     He wasn't in there.
     You raised an eyebrow confusingly. "Where is he?" You ask yourself. Heading back to the door, you saw a figure out of the corner of your eye.
     Turning, you saw Matt playing a game, and he seemed really into it.
     "Matt?" You asked quietly. He didn't hear you. You watched from the kitchen, watching how adorable he was playing the game.
     You occasionally looked up at the TV, and the game looked pretty interesting. At one time, you looked down from the TV, and back over to Matt, but tears were falling from his eyes.
     Matt's hands were shaking, making the controlled rattle the slightest bit. You looked back up at the TV, and saw a character dying a very slow, but emotional death.
     Matt casually looked up, and connected his eyes with yours. "H-how long have you b-been watching!" He shrieked after he fell off the couch. He frantically wiped tears away, and paused the game.
     "You okay?" You ask, walking over to Matt. He nodded.
     "I just," Matt sighed. "Felt like I was...in the game. I really connected with that character." He sniffed, and looked up at you. "Please don't tell the guys." He asked you, making you chuckle.
     "I promise," You told him, and in-pausing the game for Matt. "Now keep playing. You looked so into it, which was so adorable to me." This comment made Matt's cheeks turn red.

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