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Chapter Three

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  Charlotte's P.O.V

"LILY! CHARLOTTE! ALLAN!" Mr Chapman jogged over to us, a vein in his head bulging out weirdly and his spare tire wobbling like mad.

"Yes Sir?" Lily hollered back, in her best version of innocence, which, in anyone else’s opinion, was really pathetic, so she left all that kind of stuff to me .

"Lily, you can go with Bea! I said pairs! Not three's! Didn’t you hear me! Don’t you dare answer that Lily, because I know you weren’t!" Mr Chapman flicked her fingers at Lily, who only moved because she was on her second warning from our principal, though it doesn't mean she went quietly.

She dragged her combat boots over the dusty dirt, over to Bea in her way too tight P.E uniform, moaning as she went, something about human rights. I laughed under my breath, watching as Lily lectured Bea about the technique of throwing the ball over the net, not paying attention to anything else.

Suddenly, that voice came back to me, just as haunting and mocking as ever.

"Charlie. Allan's watching you." I cringed away from the voice, just as my inner Lily was saying: "Go away! She already knows! She can feel Allan watching her; get your facts right, dude! I mean, can’t you stalk someone else for a change!?! Or even better, quit the job buster, otherwise you are going to have some pretty well trained assassins come and make you quit any job you have forever! Oi! Are you even listening to me! "

Even through the immense pain in my head, I realised the funny side of it, though, quickly, all logic, all funny side’s disappeared, and I fell to the ground, not graceful like they put in movies, alas, no, but like a fallen tree.

"Charlie? ANT!" I heard Lily screaming my childhood nickname as I fell to the ground, the voice in my head roaring at me.

I distantly heard Lily's combat boots running to me, the voice echoing in my head, but above all, I heard a voice.

Not anything like the voice before, no, they were worlds apart.

This voice was kind, was sweet.

Though no-one else could hear it, some part of me was dead certain that it was real.

Through the pain, I almost smiled, I knew and already loved this voice.

The voice was telling me it was going to be Ok, and warning off that voice at the same time.

"Allan." I whispered.

Then, everything went black.

Allan's P.O.V

I watched as Charlie's lips formed my name, and her face go white as she lost consciousness.

"ANT!" Lily frantically shook Charlie and looked up at me. 

"Al!" then she stood up and gestured too the frozen Mr Chapman, part of her powers,  then threw herself into my arms, sobbing frantically. 

She didn’t want anyone else to see her this way.

"I know. It's happened, Lil. He's gotten in." I whispered into Lily's golden hair, breathing in her smell. 

"But how, Al? How?" 

'I dunno, sis. I dunno. But, what I do know is that we did everything to keep him out. It wasn’t your fault. We can overpower him if we work together." I looked at my fallen Charlie, my only love, my best friend, my brother's destined soul mate. 

...FLASHBACK...   (When Charlie is five and Allan is six)

"Allan! Allan! Where are you?" I smiled, knowing my curtain was shield enough.

"Found you!" Charlie snuggled up beside me and we looked out of the huge window, at nothing in particular, just content within each other’s company.

Suddenly, there was a scream.

Not the kind of scream that they put on the movies, fake and unreal, but a real, blood-freezing scream, that vibrated through the curtain, making Charlie cling to me in fear.

I shot up like a rocket, Charlie at my side.

We pushed open the heavy curtain and started down the stairs.

When we opened the Great Doors, a brilliant chaos met my eyes.

People were scattered everywhere, screaming and yelling, running in different directions.

I clutched at Charlie, keeping her at my side.

Suddenly, I heard a voice that I recognised, shouting above the others, and felt Charlie stiffen beside me.

“Mummy.” She whimpered.

“Shh! Lemme listen, Char!” I hushed her.

“Andy, please, anyone, find Allan, Luka and Charlie! Get them safe! Please!” Miranda, Charlie’s mum, roared, her bell-like voice lifting above the noise, the chaos.

A man in Miranda’s palace colours came rushing up to us and wrenched Charlie away from me, ignoring her kicks and screams.

“Charlie!” I yelled, starting to run after her, when a heavy blow caught me on the side of my head.

I saw red then black as Charlie’s lips formed my name and I fell to the floor.


I blinked at the sudden light, at the present.

My face visibly hardened as I glanced up to see Lily and Charlie, talking to each other while on their way to the sick bay.

Lily was long gone, one of her rare weak moments over.

I sighed and followed after them, weighed down with the truth.

Charlie could never love me, I could never love her.

At that moment, I thought it wouldn’t be possible to hate my brother more.

I couldn’t have imagined how wrong I was.  

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