Chapter Sixteen

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Zelda stared down at the ring of solid gold that was elegantly entwined in a complex pattern. It seemed to shimmer endlessly upon her finger as she tilted it side to side. It was beautiful, yes, but... she still couldn't help the doubt that set in. Had she made the right decision? She'd done what everyone had wanted her to do... heck, she did what she had wanted to.

Being a captain made her attuned to watching out for her people, and yet... politics were usually, if not always, a mess. It couldn't be so simple.

"Having second thoughts?"

She didn't take her eyes off of the ring but she nodded. "That's perfectly normal."

Impa smiled. "Of course. Your speech was very nice by the way."

"I worked on it all night," Zelda replied and then frowned. "But still..."

"Their planning worries you?"

"It does." She folded her arms. "Of course I trust my father to do what's best for the kingdom but... what if he sends me away?" she asked.

It wasn't leaving the castle that worried her. No... she just didn't want to part with Leena again. And if a castle was where she had to stay, she knew she would rather have it be a familiar one.

"I have asked him to discuss the start of the war with Darran. I am hoping that some clarity may come about the beginning of the war..." Impa then smiled. "On a different note, Link wants to see you."

Zelda glanced up and bit her lip. 

"You don't want to see him?"

I don't know... "It's just... I'm very... confused."

"He may be able to grant you some clarity."

Zelda nodded, still biting her lip. "I'll see him then. Bring him here."

"Here in your quarters, Princess?"

"Yes here. He's my fiancé now I can see him here if I want to. And if you're insistent you can babysit."

"Will you not at least get dressed first?"

Zelda began to laugh. "Are you joking? I'm seeing him here so I don't have to put on that accursed thing." She shook her head. "No, what I'm wearing now is appropriate, and it is basically the same as my attire on the ship. I will keep this, thank you. Now go and get him."

Impa held back a small smile as she bowed. "Yes, milady."

Zelda returned to looking at the ring in the light coming in through her arched windows.

A short while later someone knocked on her door. "Enter," she said, her hand automatically reaching for her knife.

It was Link though, so she relaxed.

As he entered he smiled at her lack of formal attire. "Oh, nice to see you out of your dress."

Zelda raised an eyebrow.

"I.. I didn't mean..." He reddened. "I meant... you look good in that..."

The princess smirked and stood up from the bed to walk to the door. That was something she liked about Link - he could be as 'cool ' as he wanted to be, but as soon as he said something embarrassing that he hadn't meant to, he got all flustered. "Is Impa not coming in?"

"She told me she had somewhere else to be."

"Probably trying to eavesdrop on the meeting," she said with a shrug and then she sat down and crossed her legs. "So, Link, why did you want to see me?" 

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