a musical meeting

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You walked slowly through the corridor to an ornate purple door with a swirly white pattern on it. You knew that that room belonged to kurloz. You had never met him though... you normally just went in there and cleaned while he was gone.

You went to open the door but you heard something frobm the other side of it. Music. You hadn't heard music in so long. You curled up against the door to listen more closely. A cello. You recognized the sound. It was beautiful. You opened the door lightly and there he was. Kurloz Makara.

All you really saw was the hair. Yeah, definately the highblood's son. The second thing was the way he was playing. His hands were moving unbelivably fast. You took in the rest of him. Face paint, smoky white eyes, stiches. Everything screamed scary, but you weren't scared. Maybe it was all the time spent around the subjuggulator. He looked up for a split second and saw you. The quick, jagged notes he had been playing melted together. a slow lulling melody took its place and he looked up at you again.

He tilted his head as if to ask why you were there. In answer, you held up your cleaning supplies. He nodded and the closed his eyes as his head moved with the music. You couldn't help but stare in wonder as he played. He peeked an eye open and then smiled, patting the spot next to him on the tiny bench. You hesitated a moment but decided to sit. He melted into the music again and soon your eyelids felt heavy.

Kurloz pov:

I watched this strange girl as I played. she was staring. was that a good or a bad thing? she sat next to me and I kinda all up and got into the cello again and she motherfuckin fell asleep. it was adorable. I stopped playing and watched her sleep for a while. she was actually really motherfuckin pretty.

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