Chapter 3

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Ciel's POV
Who is this girl? How did she just disappear like that?!

"SEBASTIAN! I order you to go find that girl wherever she might be, bring her to me and I am going to make her my maid!"
I yelled frantically

"Yes Bocchan," he said calmly in reply and turned off and disappeared into the night.
Sebastian's POV
Why do I have to work with such an annoying girl?! The worst part is I am the one who has to train her.  Since none of the other servants are qualified enough. Tch.
Your POV
Haha, I hear you Ciel, maybe I'll go a long with your little 'maid' game for a while and see what happens. I have nothing else to do other than roam the streets aimlessly wondering what to do next.
I decided to meet him at his manor so he would be suprised and Sebastian will be hunting me down for hours not knowing I'm already at the manor. I smirk at the thought and use my demon speed and run to the manor.
-Time skip to when Ciel gets to the manor-
I have dressed myself in a maid costume and awaiting the arrival of my dear master.
Ciel's POV
I arrived at my manor in hope that Sebastian would already be back with that pesky girl. I get out of my carriage and go to open the door, only for it to be opened by..
Is Sebastian back already? I was hoping for him to be back by now but didn't actually believe he would find her that quick.

"Hello Master Ciel!" She said with an smile.

"Ah.. Hello. Where is Sebastian, ms..?"

"Call me Mei," she said with a smirk

"Well, Mei, do you know where Sebastian is?"

She shook her head, "No, I don't think he is here,"

I was confused, what do you mean by he isn't here? Just after, the door slammed open and I turned around to find an pissed Sebastian.

"I have failed you Bocchan, I cannot find.... Her?" He looked up to she the one girl he was looking for for hours..
This is probably the worst chapter so far but I did it really quick because I have school (^_^)But if you are reading this thank you for reading  all the way til the end and I'll see you in the next chapter? :)

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