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Pen Your Pride

Luke Brooks and You

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''Hey (Y/N)'' Luke says as you walk in from college.

''Hey Lukeyyy'' You say

You look down at his trousers and notice a little bulge.

''Luke.. Are you, 'erm.. You know..'' You ask, trying to make it obvious what you're talking about.

''What? Horny? Yes (Y/N), I am!'' He says in a sexual voice.

''Oh.. I'm hungry!'' You say, walking out of the room.

''Wait, aren't you gonna deal with me first?!'' He shouts, chasing after you.

''Erm, you have a girlfriend, and that girlfriend is my twin sister!'' You say as you make a sandwhich.

''Oh well, you two look alike, you could say it was a mistake..''

''No, I would never do that too my sister!''

''(Y/N) Come here!'' He takes the knife from your hand that you used to butter the bread and starts kissing you.

Your twin sister walks in the room..

''LUKE! (YN)! WHAT THE FUCK?!'' She screams as she see's you two kissing.

You push Luke off of you and explain everything to your sister. Lukily your sister trusts you with everything and doesn't believe a word Luke says. She kicks Luke out of the house and he says that he'll call you later. You tell him too fuck off and then later in the day all of the Brooks brothers come along and you pretend you're not home.

You never forget your first and last kiss with Luke Brooks and you have liked him ever since...

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