Honey...? Are you alright...?

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Linda woke up early in the morning because she felt a little cold. It was early December and it was starting to get very cold outside. She stretched her body while keeping her eyes closed. When she reached over to hug her gorgeous husband to steal a little of his warmth, she found the space on the bed next to her was empty and cold.

She blinked her eyes open and looked over to the empty space. To her surprise Paul had already left the bed. This wasn't like him to leave her without kissing her hello before getting out of the bed.

She sighed worriedly when she suddenly remembered how restlessly he had slept. He was tossing and turning all night. He probably wasn't able to catch a good sleep and decided not to wake her up and got out of the bed quietly instead.

Linda stepped out of the bed and shivered from the cold air creeping around her body. She quickly put on her thick bathrobe and her slippers. She then looked in the bathroom connected to their bedroom, but Paul wasn't there either.

She wondered where he could be, but quickly had an idea where to find her husband. He probably was downstairs in his music room.

Before going down to Paul's music room she went to check up on their six year old daughter Heather first.

She opened the door of Heather's bedroom and peaked inside carefully. The little girl was still sound asleep. She noticed that probably Paul had laid an extra blanket on top of her to make her feel nicely warm and cosy. Linda smiled lovingly and softly closed the door again.

She went downstairs and while she walked down the stairs, she could already very softly hear the sound of the piano playing.

Linda walked over to the closed door of Paul's music room and opened it slowly.

There he was... Paul was sitting behind his piano and was working on a very lovely tune letting his delicate fingers run over the piano keys. He then stopped to write something on the piece of paper in front of him.

He was wearing his deep red coloured pyjama trousers and his matching pyjama shirt was hanging open loosely around his naked upper body. She also noticed his messy bed hair and his bare feet. Paul always liked to have bare feet. No matter how cold it was.

While she walked over to him, she saw him abruptly stop writing almost dropping his pen and rubbing his stomach with his right hand while wincing a little.

"Honey...are you alright...?" Linda asked worriedly when she reached him.

She stood behind him and softly run her hands through his dark hair and she felt it was slightly damped.

"Hey love..." Paul said while he lifted his head to look up to her standing behind him and tried to smile through his cramps. "...yes... I'm okay..."

Linda laid the palm of her hand against Paul's forehead and raised an eyebrow when she felt how hot it felt. "Don't lie to me baby..." she whispered while she sat down next to him on the piano bench.

She put her hand on the side of Paul's face and turned his head towards her so he faced her.

"...I know that you aren't feeling so okay..." she said while she stroke her fingers through his beard. The last weeks Paul had grown a short beard and moustache and it looked good on him. He just didn't seem to care so much about his looks the past few weeks. 

Linda knew that Paul was having a difficult time with the other Beatles at the moment. She had found him a few times crying softly behind his piano after another fight with John or the other two, but mostly John.

When she found Paul like this, Linda would just hold him tight and let him cry in her arms.  Sometimes Paul would tell what had happened and then she would listen, but if he didn't want to talk about it and just wanted to be held, it was fine with her too.  She would not ask about it and just give him the comfort he needed.

Paul gazed downward with his big hazel eyes and sighed softly. Linda really knew him too well. He didn't want to bother her with his troubles all the time, but it was no use. Linda could sense it. Like he could sense it when something was wrong with her.

Linda glanced over to the piece of paper on the piano stand to see what Paul was working on. She let her eyes run over the first lines "When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be..." she read and thought it sounded beautiful. She knew immediately that it referred to Paul's passed away mother.

"That's beautiful darling..." she whispered looking at Paul again now while still running her fingers through his beard.

Paul slowly looked up at her with his watery eyes "...thank you love...I'm thinking about calling it 'Let it Be'..." he softly said.

"The piano part sounded so beautiful too when I heard it walking over here..." Linda said while looking in Paul's big hazel eyes.

"Would you like to hear it?..." Paul asked her "...it's not finished yet...just a beginning...but if you like?...."

"Oh would you do that?..." she smiled "...I would love to hear it...."

Paul nodded and turned back towards the piano and started to play and sing his new song. Linda put her arms around Paul's waist and laid her head on his shoulder while listening with her eyes closed.

She had one hand on Paul's stomach and suddenly felt it contract and churn underneath her hand.

It made Paul stop playing and singing and he moaned softly.

Linda set back up a little to look at Paul. He had his eyes closed and looked weary.

"Why were you out of bed so early sweetheart?..." Linda asked worriedly "...I missed you when I woke up..."

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