Nexus Game Revolution | Vol. 14 | Dubstep Electro House

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An Electro house Dubstep :)


Instrumental Core - Forever Lost In Time

Serenity - Miasma [Simplify]

iLL AUDiO - Devolution

Skope - Sphinx [Heavy Artillery]

The Two Friends - Sedated (Barely Alive Remix VIP)

PRA2 vs Solar Shock - Nuclear Blast [Audiophile Live]

Totally Sick & Kick The Habit - Rock On [Audiophile Live]

Hosting Bass - Hands To The Sky (FetOo Remix)

Exhorth - Arena [Play Me]

SirensCeol - When the World Falls (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

Kick The Habit - One In A Million (Jan Waterman Remix)

Kick The Habit - One In A Million (SirensCeol Remix)

White Zoo - Leaving Tomorrow [Audiophile Live]

White Zoo - Monstaz (Original Mix) [Audiophile Live]

Arizon - Airstream (Original Mix) [Audiophile Live]

Vena Cava, Project Veresen, Raya - Flames (Original Mix)

Zentra - Trials

Fareoh - Pandora

by  NXS

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