Liam Payne love story

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Chapter 1

It must be hard being a popular person in school. You have everyone spreading rumours about you and people flirting with you. I much prefer my status in the school. M and my best mates Harry and Sophie are known as the hardcore bitches (Because Harry's gay he's also called a bitch) Most know not to mess with us, or the ones we love, because we don't take it all that nicely. I won't always hit someone if they annoy but one of the other two will and vice versa. We stick up for each other. The great thing about us 3 being a mix of boys and girls is that we can hit both genders, where as Harry refuses to hit girls. The only problem about our status is that everyone avoids us. We don't mind too much but sometimes it can hurt. I remember, Sophie was with a guy called Oliver and people started saying stuff like she abuses him and people started avoiding him. This is what was usually said.
"Who's he?"
"Oliver but stay away from him, his girlfriend will kill you other wise."

The same happened to all of us which to be honest pisses me off.
Harry is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.
Sophie just wants a cute relationship where she can show the guy how much she loves him and for him to do the same.
As for me, I just want to be loved. My mum dies when giving birth to me and my dad kicked me out when he found out that I was hanging out with a gay guy.
From then on, it's been only Harry, Sophie and I. The troublesome trio. The hardcore bitches. We all share a flat too, so we spend every minute together and it's amazing. We don't keep any secrets from each other. We know everything about one another. 
I know that Harry is in love with Louis, the school football player.
I know that Sophie is wanting to kill Eleanor, for taking Louis away from Harry.
And I know that I want to help Sophie kill Eleanor since she is a stuck up twat.
Right now we're all sat in class, at the back of the room listening to the teacher babbling on about being nice to the new kids in our class. We would talk if we could but Miss moved us all to separate tables, and its sucks. This is the only class that your aloud to chose your own seats, the rest go in alphabetical order, unless you disrupt the class cause then your moved to the back. In class is the only time Harry is good, because he get's to sit next to Louis. Louis' last name is Tomlinson and Harry's is Styles, so it works out well for them. 
I look up when I hear the door squeak open and 2 boys walk in. Me and Sophie both look up, thinking the exact same thing. Wow they're hot. They need a tour of the school, but nobody can be bothered to do it, especially Sophie, Harry and me.
"Well then I guess I shall chose who goes. Sophie Evans and Ffion Marles, you can show Liam and Niall around as punishment for causing my life misery, now leave, and be nice!"
We just roll our eyes before walking towards the boys. We make a silent agreement on who takes who. I choose the brown eyed boy and she chooses the blond. We leave the class and discover who is who. Sophie's is Niall and mine is Liam. Both of them looked kind of flustered but we can't blame them. First of all, we are sure they can feel our bad ass aura and second, we are known as the hottest chicks in the school (which pisses off Eleanor and Taylor) Eleanor and Taylor are the school sluts and bitches. They are just mean, they don't need a reason, if your different or better than them, they hate you. Me and the other 2 are only mean when we need to be. We have our onw little things.
Harry charms whoever he is talking to.
Sophie is the sassiest person you will ever know.
And me, well I'm a very good fighter. Us 3 work together perfectly like a team, I think that's why we get on so well. Over the years, we have learned to hide any emotions we feel, unless ot's for each other. So people find it difficult to read us. When I look over to Sophie I see her blushing at something that Niall had said. I can tell that he is breaking through the cracks, and I'm ok with that, as long as he doesn't hurt her. Me and Liam havn't really talked. He seems deep in thought so I just leave him, until he talks to me. 
"Why do you do it?" I look at him confused.
"what?" He looks up at me.
"why do you push everyone away, why do you put up this wall, as a mask."  to say I'm shocked would be an understatement. I know for a fact that I am very difficult to read. Even Harry adn Sophie have troubles and they've known me most of my life. How is he doing it so easily.
"It's not a mask." I say hoping he would drop it. By now I can feel Sophie's gaze on me. She's been listening i can tell and she is equally as stunned.
"Yes it is, I can see it in your eyes, your walls are up, to stop anyone from getting in why is that?"
"You don't know me, so don't pretend you do!" I snarl before turning stomping ahead well and truly pissed off. How dare he think he knows me, he know nothing.
"I will see through the cracks Ffion, and I will fix you!" He shouts to me. I whirl around, bright red from anger. I give him my death glare, it's so harsh that even Sophie cringes, but Liam doesn't even flinch.
"I'm not broken ok? I don't need your concern, I don't need your care, I don't need you! The only people I need are my friends!" I then storm off without looking back. I leave the school premises and go to the park close by. I smile fondly as I realise this is where I met the other 2. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and I pull it out reading the message.

"I'll send Hazza to the park, I know that's where you are, you'll be ok. - Sophie xx

I send her one back saying thanks, Well I think that's what i sent, I couldn't really see since my vision was blurry with un-shed tears. Once the message was sent i sat down on the slide, before curling into a ball. I start to scream and cry and pull at my hair. I don't need that Liam! I will never let him in. I will make sure of it. Even if it's the last thing i do...

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