The wolf girl of my street

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Y/N-your name


Your POV

I had gotten a text from my old childhood friend Zane, asking if I could move in with him. I had needed a new house anyway, mine was so small and old. I needed a change of scenery. So I excepted. I've finally finished getting all my things packed and in my car it's time to go to my new house.

Time skip

"Y/N finally your here!" Zane exclaimed. "I know! I've missed you!" I said quickly hugging him. Just then a girl walked up to us. "So Zane this is your old friend from o'khasis. Hi I'm Aphmau, Zane's told me a lot about you but I can't really remember your name." She told me leaning on the fence. "My name's Y/N"   I replied shaking her hand before she left. "How about I help you carry some of your boxes in." He said as he picks some boxes up out of my car. "Thanks Zane!" I say.

This wasn't the Zane the people who lived on the street would know, but it's the Zane I've known for basically my whole life.

Times skip

your pov

We finally finished unpacking and for some reason the fact that Zane likes my little horses didn't come as a big surprise to me. Maybe I rubbed off on him. Or maybe it's that he has always been into weird stuff like that. Either way it's still a good show, I've never missed an episode. My thoughts where suddenly cut off when there was a knock on the door... I wonder who that could be?


It's been edited again! It still needs a lot of work, but this is the best i could do for now. Oh well, i can always try again later.

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