The wolf girl of my street

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Word count:287 (I know not much)

Y/N-your name

Your POV

I whad gotten a text from my old childhood friend Zane, asking if I could move in with him. I had needed a new house anyway, mine was so small and old. I needed a change of scenery. So I excepted. I've finally finished getting all my things packed and in my car it's time to go to my new house.

Time skip

"Y/N finally your hear!" Zane exclaimed. "I know! I've missed you!" I said quickly hugging him. Just then a girl walked up to us. "So Zane this is your old friend from o'kasis. Hi I'm Aphmau, Zane's told me a lot about you but I can't really remember your name." She told me leaning on the fence. "My name's Y/N"   I replied shaking her hand before she left. "How about I help you carry some of your boxes in." He said as he picks some boxes up out of my car. "Thanks Zane!" I say.

Zane Pov

I'm so happy Y/N is here. I've nether been this happy in my life. She truly is the only one who can make me happy. Anyway, I pick up two boxes up and put them in the house and Y/N picks up four.

Times skip

your pov

We finally finished unpacking and for some reason the fact that Zane likes my little horses didn't come as a big surprise to me.  He was into weirder stuff as a kid plus its a good show. I've watched a few episodes my self and I actually like it! My thoughts where suddenly cut off when there was a nock on the door... I wonder who that could be?

Luna: This was edited. Probably not much better but it's something
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