Face to Face Part 29A

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Note added 1st March 2016. I should have mentioned that the next few chapters will be in that of Annie's family before taking it back up again with Jenelle.

Plus this chapter has been divided too into two parts for easier reading on 13/4/2016

Annie's POV while at her parents place...

Spending a bit more time with Nell at Mum and Dad's place without them being here has had it's ups and downs. But we're learning how to get on a lot better than we usually have done without the 'rents being here to supervise. Actually, Nell has been doing much better lately than we give her credit for.

It's been a couple of years since she's been back in our lives and I have to say, it's like our family has become more complete nowadays, even though we still feel there has been something that has been bothering both Mum and Dad lately.

But even Bobby and Sues have been acting a bit odd lately too. Plus a bit secretive somewhat and they aren't sharing anything with us. I wonder if it's anything to do with Dave. He has been hanging around a bit lately and we have noticed that his eyes keep finding their way to my little sister.

When they first met, I thought that something would come about with them, but whatever it was, it fizzled out not long after for some reason and Sues didn't want to talk about it either. She didn't date for a long time after he left either and even then, there was nothing ever serious about those dates. They were mostly with her friends involved.

It's only been myself being up and about at the moment with the others still napping after the other  nights events when the news came through about Jenny being found. I've kept the television on down low just in case something more comes on about it. There have still been a lot of news reporters hanging around the hospital hoping to catch something.

Then remembering the day when we saw the footage of the plane landing with them all from River Ridge was horrifying to watch, especially when the footage showed Daniel giving Jenny CPR as he was kneeling over her. That moment nearly stopped my own heart as I watched it.

I know that the others were affected too when we saw it, but Dad calling not long after as they got to the hospital, reassured us that Jenny made it and was in surgery as was Mr Walker and little Rhys.

Poor little tyke had his leg broken from where the dog bit him. I hope that he doesn't have a fear of dogs after this. But he has a good family to help him out. Daniel adores him, so I imagine that Daniel will be a great help with him.

Since we saw that footage a few days ago, the rest of us have been sticking close together as the tightknit family that we are. To say that family routine has been a bit disrupted lately would be an understatement with us all sleeping at odd times.

Hearing a movement behind me from where I was sitting on one of the recliners in the family room, I turned to see Bobby rubbing his hands through his hair as he made his way over to get a cup of coffee. Poor lad looks like he needs it.

"That's what happens when you don't crash at your own place in your own bed." I said to him with a small sort of  smile I threw at him.

Only to laugh when he gives me the finger, you know which one. I just laugh again.

"It still is my bed that I'm in, thankyou very much." He said a bit sleepily. "It's just filled at the moment with babies and a luscious woman." He added with a cheesy smile.

Once his coffee is made, he makes his way over to me and slumps on the lounge beside me while lifting his feet to lay them on the coffee table.

"You do know that Mum would slap you if she was here and saw you doing that, don't you?" I might have said to him in a sarcastic voice.

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