The Makaras X Slave! reader (homestuck)

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You were on your hands and knees in the grand highblood's throne room as usual. Ok that sounded really really wrong. You were scrubbing dried blood off of the section of floor that led from the throne itself to the door. Dirty minded little reader.

Anywho, you had been scrubbing for hours and the giant clown just sat and stared at you. He didn't try to hide it either. He just stared. He has told you many times that if you were older, he would have already taken you. This Always scares you a bit to think about but you had come to terms with his perverted thoughts about you. You just tried to keep your mind on your work and not focus on the strange indigo eyes borring into your back.

He cleared his throat and you looked over to him. As you did, he beckoned you over to the throne. You stood and walked over hesitantly. "yes master?" you asked . "my sons need their motherfucking rooms cleaned" he said slowly. His voice still held its normal authority but it was softer than it was with abyone else. He only ever used that voice with you.

"Yes master... I will get right on that." As you turned to walk away, there was pressure on your waist. He pulled you almost into his lap and kissed you full force. You sighed into the kiss as his lips moved roughly against your own. Your master did this every so often and you had learned to live with it. He released you finally and you left.

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