(This will go with story line of MS/MyStreet) So one day your best friend Alexa invited you to live with her in the neighborhood she found and fell in love with with she also mention something about having a brother there. 

Read the full story to find out this big adventure of falling for this brunette with sky blue eyes. 

(P.S. This is my first story so sorry if it sucks) 

(Y/n) is a beautiful young 20 year old girl that lives in a small town that happens to be forest on the mountains which is where many people love to hike/camp. 

Or should I say 'lived'

You use to live there before Alexa,your best friend, ask *Cough* begged *Cough* you to move out of your small rented apartment into a much bigger and more awesome house outside of the your town and down the mountain. You said yes, but you had to wait another month before you could, do to an agreement. 

So Alexa said that she would live there alone until you were able to so you two didn't lose the house to someone else. 

She also said that her half brother lived there, but you don't exactly remember his name and all you know is that he flirted A LOT with any cute girl that he saw and had a lot of pick up lines so she said to be careful. 

(Y/n) Your Name 

(N/n) Nickname 

(H/l) Hair Length 

(H/c) Hair Color 

(E/c) Eye Color 

(F/c) Fav Color 

(F/f)Fav Food 

This is the Lake in your town

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This is the Lake in your town. 

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