Making Out, New Cell Phones, and Learning How To Dress yourself Part 1

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"So what's his name" Seth asked looking at Jeff.

"Jeffrey but Jeff for short" I said.

He nodded. Then Leah walked in with Mom. Leah looked scared while Mom looks upset still. Seth told Leah Jeff's name. She nodded. Alec handed me Jeff. Jeff smiled at me. I smiled back. Leah looked at him.

"Can I hold him" She asked.

I nodded. Leah walked over to us. I handed Jeff to Leah. He gave her a "Who the heck are you" look. She laughed. 

"Leah your imprint" She said.

He gave her a "What the heck does imprint mean" look.

"It's a wolf thing" She said.

He nodded. 

-That night-

I am siting in Mine and Nessie's Room. Mom, Dad, Nessie, Beth, Jeff, and Jane is still at Grandpa's House. Then I heard a window open. I over at it and saw Alec. He closed it and locked the windows and covered them. He walked over to the door ad locked it. He then walked over to me and kissed me. I gasp as he pushed me on my bed lightly. He started kissing my neck. I moaned a bit. He pulled away and looked at me. 

"Do you want to just make out or you want to do it" He asked.

I thought for a minute.

"Making out because I'm not really to do it yet" I said.

He nodded. 2 minutes later I was in my bra and underwear and Alec is in his boxers without a shirt on. He started kissing my neck then he kissed the side of my boobs. I moaned. Then he kissed down my stomach. After he kissed my lips. I kissed back. I moaned in his mouth as he put his tongue in my mouth. Then he pulled away and looked at me. 

"Your parents are here" He said.

We quickly got up and put our clothes on. After we was done Alec kissed me one last time and left. I quickly unlocked the door. Then I sat down on my bed and starting reading my book. Mom and Dad walked in with Beth, Jeff, and Nessie. Dad looked at me with a weird look.

"Was Alec in here" He asked.

I nodded. He signed.

"He will never give up" He said.

I giggled. Mom put Beth down. Beth ran over to me. I picked her up and sat her down beside me. She giggles. Dad walked over to me and handed me Jeff. Jeff looks at me with a look that said "Ok. Where the heck were you" I giggled.

"I was here" I said.

Jeff gave me a "Oh" look.

I looked at my parents.

"Where are they going to sleep" I asked.

"Well, since Beth looks older she can sleep with you. And Jeff can sleep in his crib we brought" Dad said as he grabbed the crib and put it beside the door. The crib is blue with a blue blanket in it. Mom grabbed the toys. One is a firetruck is for Jeff. One is a bear that is wearing pick is for Beth. Mom handed the bear to Beth. Beth grabbed it and hugged it. I smiled. The other toys are a fox wearing a pirate badge. Mom handed it to Jeff. He looked at it with a "What the heck is that" look. Mom laughs.

"Your toy. He is a Pirate Fox" She said.

Jeff had a "Oh" look. Then he grabbed it. Mom smiled. Then she grabbed a Pirate Set and a Fantasy Play Castle Dollhouse with flowers on it. She put them both in the corner on the floor.

"Well, we got something for Nessie and you" Dad said.

"What" Nessie and I asked.

"Cell phones" Mom said grabbing a pink and a red cell phones. The pink one had a stars and Hello Kitty on it. The red one had Hello Kitty and white spots on it.

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