Chapter 53-55 Excerpt

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Translating this excerpt as I felt it's a crucial scene about the nuances in Luoyin's attitude towards Gu Hai. Yet somehow this scene was omitted in episode 7. By the way, by excerpt I mean only the story line of Gu Hai & Bai Luoyin.

On the previous chapters, after Gu Hai walk out on Jiang Yuan (Luoyin's mother), he took a train and went to find his girlfriend in Tianjin. Gu Hai promised to spend mid-autumn festival with her. Jin Lulu (Gu Hai's girlfriend) was both glad and touched as this implies that she holds a crucial position in his heart. Gu Hai asked her if he was normal and she laughed it off  with the remark "Of course. Why would I be with you if you weren't."

Chapter 53

The ferris wheel escalated gradually to the peak as the beautiful night scenery of Tianjin came in sight.

Jin Lulu and Gu Hai were the only ones taking a couple cabin.

Jin Lulu linked her arm with Gu Hai as she pointed to the night sky, "Look, the full moon is so round tonight."

To Gu Hai, a full moon was never ever round in shape.

There was always a gap in his heart. Every time when it reached the reunion festival of the year, it was also the most tormenting moment for him. He had intended to have a meal at Bai Luoyin's place again, but the appearance of Jiang Yuan dismissed this idea. He realised that when he was moody and down, the person that he didn't wish to see the most was Bai Luoyin.

Perhaps he went beyond with joy these days, Gu Hai could hardly imagine himself visiting Bai Luoyin's place with a solemn face.

Forget it. Just get over with these two days!

-Skipping parts about them shopping-

[Time: A little past 11 o'clock at night...]

[Venue: Bakery]

There was a bakery besides the undergarment shop. It was flourishing at this time. Every individual customer had box of mooncakes in their hands when leaving. Mooncakes in a diverse of flavour were displayed before the shop window glass. Some were in assorted nuts, including sausages, sweet bean paste, date paste, fruits as well as lotus paste with egg yolk.

Gu Hai extinguished his cigarette as he gazed at the number of mooncakes reducing in number in silence.


-Skipping conversation between Bai Luoyin and his father-  

Bai Luoyin didn't sleep well that night.

There was no one beside him. Although it wasn't any more spacious than before, his hands and feet were still bounded when he tossed and turned. Occasionally his arms would be spread open yet he would retract them immediately. When he realised that there was no one beside him, it was almost daybreak.

-Skipping some lines-

[Venue: Tianjin]

Gu Hai had a long dream that night.

First he dreamed of his biological mother knitting a vest for him beside a lotus lake. It was close to finishing when the vest fell into the lake all of a sudden. Gu Hai leaped into the water, hoping to fish it out. Only to have his leg trapped into the muddy silt. Cold! Chilly cold! Gu Hai could neither climb up nor shout for help.

In the end, Bai Luoyin appeared out of nowhere and shouted towards Gu Hai, "Grab my hands. Grab my hands..." as he gradually drifted ashore.

-Skipping conversion between Jin Lulu and Gu Hai-

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