Chapter 1

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Lauren's POV
"Lauren, what do you think you're doing? If dad finds out..." Chris, my younger brother whispered at me, but it was like he was shouting.

"But he won't. Will he?" I knew if I got caught I would be dead. My father doesn't like for me to go out at daytime. I may be a vampire but that doesn't mean I burn up and eventually die, that's a stereotype about vampires.

Chris looked at me, and gave me a 'be safe' look.

"Call me when you knows he's near by" I told him opening my window smelling that afternoon fresh air.

"Okay, but remember, don't talk to people" Chris told me. Vampires used to be hunted and killed but that was about 16 years ago.

My father thinks he could protect, my brother and I. He couldn't even protect my mom and sister.

Ever since that happened he wasn't the same.

I don't really sneak out our house but since my father is away for a few days, I really want to see what's out there.

Chris and I still go to school, and have friends. But our friends are also vampires like us, but its not like this vampires academy shit the humans don't know we exist. There are only a few of us.

"Got it, I'll bring you a hot dog" I said, I saw my brother smile as I jumped out our house and sped off full speed to the woods.

Us vampires don't always drink blood we do but not all the time, and we don't always eat animals, it kinda gross to eat a little squirrel or something. Vampires can actually eat food, we sometimes get sick, but that's just because we eat Mexican food, or Chipotle.

I ran to the woods smelling the fresh air, and hearing the animals. I climbed the tallest tree just to fall off when I missed placed my foot.

I hit my head on leaves and a fucking hard ground. I groaned sitting up. "Hey, are you okay?" I heard a girl say.

I got up knowing I can't talk to humans, I can't lie and say I didn't smell her, because I did. I just didn't think I would've fallen and came in contact with the human.

I looked at her, my heart raced, I felt goose bumps all over my body. I felt alive, which was weird because I'm a vampire. I think I finally got some color in my skin just by looking at this girl.

I basically checked her out, she had long brown hair. Pink big lips, and a sun necklace. Her eyes make it seem like the stars are not shining. She was wearing ripped jeans, a sweater with four boys on it, I could tell her was writing a song because her guitar was off in the distance with her notebook.

"Um." I let it slip out. She came closer to me, but I got up and dusted myself off.

"You fell pretty high, how did you do that?" She asked thinking of was pretty cool.

"Um." I couldn't say anything. It was impossible. We just stared at each other. "What's your name?" She asked again. "Um." I said hearing my brother ring tone. Camila noticed and seemed like she had an idea.

She turned around to get a piece of paper, "My names Camila." I heard her say but it was too late, I already ran off. Vampires also have super hearing strengths.

I felt bad but I needed to go before my dad comes.

I ran all the way to my window in my room and jumped in. I looked outside my window seeing my father driving in. He knows he can just run to get his groceries but he wants people to think he's just like them.

Chris barged in smiling when he saw me. "Did you bring me my hot dog?" He asked, I opened my mouth before covering it by my hand. "I forgot." I said feeling a little bit bad.

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