You wake up to him

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It was 9 am. I woke up and found him watching TV. I looked over and saw he was watching (F/S). I smiled," Goodmorning babe." I said." Hey (Y/N)! Goodmorning. I got some doughnuts if you wanted some, they're downstairs." He smiled and grabbed my hand from underneath the blankets." Thanks G." I said and jumped up and ran downstairs grabbing a doughnut. I ate it and watched (F/S). G came down and say down next to me." Hey babe." He said." Sup fam." I said. He chuckled an kissed my cheek." I'm so lucky to have you." He said. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it on fire. He breathed it in and made balls of smoke, which I liked, but I hated when he smoked in the house. G offered me one and I took one. I inhaled it and blew smoke clouds. I smiled, he smiled too," So do you like this show?" I asked." I wouldnt have been watching it in the room if I didn't like it." He said and laughed." True."

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