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Everyone was already in the hall, all dressed formally to meet the other princess, mondo and sumire are talking to the visitors as not only the arcana famiglia wanted to meet bonfilia but everyone, the other kingdom also wanted to know and meet this princess, once mondo announced that she has another daughter hidden, leaving the most important details, he invited everyone who wanted to meet his daughter,

Every kingdom near the island of regalo then send their representative, some are from the royal family and some are embassador's who are sent to see and meet the other princess there self since everyone knows the island that is quite popular,

As everyone had each of their company, laughing, talking, and some are just enjoying what they are doing, felicita then slowly walk her way from the stairs towards the hall, as she arrived, everyone stop at what they were doing and look at the princess who just arrived,

Felicita was wearing her favourite red long gown as this occasion is something really important for her, she smiled to everyone and walk towards her papa and mama,

Mondo and sumire then look at their first daughter and smiled,

"isn't the princess admirable?" Luca said as she look at the princess approached her parents,

"moo-uh, I wish bambina would at least wear something that doesn't hide her beautiful legs" debito said, Luca then without hesitating hit debito on the head,

" baka na kuto ondesho" ( your really are an idiot aren't you), Luca said and walk his way to the princess,

The other members of the arcana family who just saw the little commotion then laughed at the two,


Bonfilia P.O.V

" You look really beautiful fil" Agata said as she admired her works, bonfilia then look at the mirror infront of her and smiled,

"arigato Agata, your really good at this, I'm sorry for taking your time though, I just wanted to look presentable for papa and everyone, also I wanted to see my sister, I wish she wouldn't think I'm weird, *sigh* do you think I'm weird Agata?" bonfilia ask Agata,

Agata then look at her precious princess as fil walked her way towards the big glass window of the room and look at the outside of the mansion,

"the world is so big, I know that but I haven't seen any of it until now that I already have my chance, but I haven't meet any other people except you and everyone here in the castle, in your stories and everyone, I think it would be amazing to see even just once and now that my time has come, I'm kind of a bit scared to go outside, what if they would think that I'm evil or rather a bad person?" bonfilia said as her eyes are still fixed outside through the window,

"what do you think Agata? Will they like me?  Will everyone accept me, or rather, would my family accept me?, I don't know what's really out there but I'm a little scared agata" bonfilia said as little tears form at the side of her eyes, then she hugged her self,

Agata sadly walked her way to her princess and hugged her, " I'm sure they are going to love you, as much as we did and all the people leaving here inside the castle, you have an amazing attitude and a wonderful personality filia-sama" Agata said as she softly tightened her hugged on the princess,

Agata really don't know how to comfort the princess, she know Filia as much as everyone does, her personality and everything on her is amazing, those traits are the reason why Agata and the others stayed in the castle despite of knowing that it would look like they are also imprisoned, she vowed to her self that she would protect the princess in anyway possible, even if it means her death,  she well stay by her side so that not one single harm well come to her way,

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