I'm Sorry

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-That Night-

I am lunging on my bed reading my book. Nessie is in the Living Room with Jane and my parents. I heard something. I looked up and saw Alec. I signed. He looked at me with a sorry look. I put my book down and sat up. He walked to me and sat down beside me. I looked at him with a sad look. He signed. 

"I'm sorry Rose" He said putting his hand on my cheek.

"Sorry won't help" I said putting his hand off.

He signed.

"What will show you that I am sorry" He asked.

I opened my mouth to talk but got cut off by my Dad.

"I know. Why don't you get away from my daughter" He growled.

Alec and I looked at him. Alec glared at him.

"She's my mate! And I love Her! Plus I am the baby's Father" Alec snapped.

Dad opened his mouth to talk but Mom cut him off.

"He's right you know" She said.

Dad looked at Mom shocked.

"He raped her Bella" He said.

"I know that. But Rose needs him and so does the baby" She said.

Dad thought for moment and signed.

"Alright fine" He said.

Then he looked at Alec.

"Hurt her again and I will rip your head off" He said.

Alec nodded. Then Mom and Dad left. Nessie walked in with Jane. They looked at Alec shocked and mad.

"What are you doing here brother" Jane asked with a growl.

"I'm here to see Rose" He said.

"Well, does my parents know" Nessie asked.

"Yes" He said.

They nodded. Nessie walked over to her closet and grabbed her night clothes. She walked out. 2 minutes later she came back in her night clothes. She walked to her bed and lade down. She closed her eyes and went to sleep. Jane then left. Alec looks at me. I needed Human Blood so I walked to the Living Room. Mom and Dad looked at me.

"I need Human Blood" I said.

Dad nodded. Then he walked to the Kitchen and grabbed some. He put it in a cup. He handed to me and I grabbed it. Then I drunk it and walked out. I walked to mine and Nessie's Room. Alec is lunging on my bed. He looks at me. I put the cup and my table. Then I walked to my closet and grabbed some night clothes. I was about to walk out. But Alec stopped me.

"You know you can changed in here. I seed you without clothes before" He said. 

I glared at him. He laughs quietly. I rolled my eyes. Then I signed.

"Fine" I said.

He grins. I sent him a glare. He laughs again. I rolled my eyes as I took my clothes off. Then I put my night clothes on. After I was done I grabbed my cup. I drunk some of the blood. Then I lade down beside Alec. I close my eyes. Alec kissed my cheek.  

"Goodnight" He whispered in my ear.

"Goodnight" I whispered back.

Then I fell asleep.

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