Chapter 9: The Dark Mark

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I piled loads of bacon on my plate while listening to Fred and George talking about Fever Fudge. "Do you think we should add a toffee flavor? It may help get more customers..."

Ron was stabbing some sausages with his fork. "What's wrong?" I asked him. "Mione and Ginny are too friendly with Jackson." He spat. "Don't worry, Ron." I told him. "We at least, have more magical education than him."

And I'm going to make sure Snape hates him in Potions.


After hearing that Professor Snape hands out detention like it was candy, I wasn't sure I'd like him.

Apparently he favored the Slytherins, but had a problem with the other three houses. Almost like the gods. For example: Ares favors his children, but hates all the other demigods' guts.

We walked to the dungeons where we would have Potions. And guess who we ran into? Full-of-himself-annoying-Draco-Malfoy-who-thinks-his-daddy-is-king-of-the-universe.

"If it isn't Mudblood Granger, Weaslette and our new Celebrity." I frowned. "Who?" Malfoy rolled his eyes. "You, Jackson. Haven't you noticed how everyone stares at you? You seem more popular than Potty."

He studied his nails and leaned back on the wall. "My father is not very happy Dumbledore let you come here. According to him, forgein wizards are... unhealthy to Britan's wizard community."

"Just like Mudbloods are to Purebloods?" Hermione snapped and dragged me and Ginny into the class. "I could've made him sing soprano for a week you know." I told her.

Ginny sighed. "Malfoy would've told Rita Skeeter the most terrible lies about you if you've done that. Besides, Malfoy really makes it seems like forgeiners and Muggle-borns are cousins. He would've destroyed your life."

I nodded, then raised my hand as I put my stuff down next to Hermione's. "Question. I know Malfoy thinks purebloods are superior to the rest of us, but why isn't he letting his father with all that influence, convince Dumbledore to expel us?

"I mean, if we're a disease that needs to be wiped out, why put up with us?" "Good question, Perce." Hermione answered. "Good question."


Ron and I entered the Potions classroom. Most of the students were already inside. Even Death Eater Boy, Gin and Hermione.

I have to say, I miss her friendship. But I have to let them see that their new friend, Jackson is a backstabber. But how to prove it...

"Potter! When will give me the honour to begin with my lesson?" My face turned red and all of the Slytherins laughed. I took out my textbook.

"Now," Snape said and I zoned out.

Suddenly all the Slytherins laughed. "Potter!" Snape yelled. "Detention! Tomorrow, your entire lunch time! Then perhaps you'll learn to listen in my class!"

My face felt hot and I knew I looked like Ron's twin: my face, his hair.

We started brewing _________ (fill potion name in) and when we were done, Snape immediately checked mine. "Less than perfect, Potter. I would've thought after not paying attention, you would conjure up something fantastic."

He smirked evilly. "Make that Detention today and tommorrows lunch time, Potter." I sighed.

Ron's potion was also terrible. So was Malfoy's, but as usual, Snape just nodded at him. When he got to Hermione's table however, he surprisingly declared hers, Death Eater Boy and Ginny's excellent.

And he awarded Griffindor thirty points. That's an absolute first. But the thing that shocked my most was when Jackson lifted his arm, his sleeve fell back and I saw the tip of a black mark or tatoo...

He was a Death Eater! And Dumbledore's plan hadn't worked. Jackson had the Dark Mark.

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