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Agent Dinah Hansen walked into the bureau on a rainy Monday morning and made her way to the elevator. She gathered her long blonde hair at the base of her neck and tied it off with a black hair tie. Dinah passed the people wandering and talking to get to her office. The tall blonde wasn't the unit chief but she did get an office because she was that good. Dinah turned into her office to see a tall brunette looking out the window.

"Can I help you?" Dinah asked as she examined the middle aged woman. Her hair was cut above her shoulders and her bags under her eyes were heavy.

"Good morning Agent Hansen I am Agent Webb from the second floor. They're remodeling so a few offices here will become ours." Agent Webb looked around Dinah's office mentally placing things.

"Um when did you hear this information?"

"Yesterday. Mass email, but guessing by the way your laptop is lighting up you haven't checked it yet."

Dinah slammed her laptop shut and stared at the older woman. "Get the hell out of my office." She walked out and walked into her unit chief's office.

"What the hell?" She said at the same time as someone else. Dinah looked to her right to see none other than Normani Hamilton.

"Ladies, I apologize. They are remodeling the second floor so we have to make room for them." Chief Casster said.

"With our offices?" Agent Hamilton asked tucking a strand of hair behind her right ear. "I worked my way up to get that damn office."

"Yes, you two ladies will be desk buddies, your desks will be right across from each other. Also you will be working together." The unit chief held up his hand. "No questions, start packing your stuff and get moving. I don't think we will be working today because of the drama."

"Wow," Agent Hamilton looked at Dinah and huffed, "Well at least I'll have a new best friend." Normani shot Agent Hansen a sarcastic smile. Agent Hansen crossed her arms and stomped to her office like a spoiled kid. She started throwing her possessions in boxes and setting the boxes by her door.

The blonde agent carried her boxes to the desk across from the famous Agent Normani Hamilton.

"I'm Normani Hamilton," Normani smiled and held out her hand. Normani doesn't usually smile and be friendly but she had to make a good first impression. Normani is rarely friendly to people she doesn't know.

"I know- I mean I'm Dinah Hansen." Dinah smiled and shook her soft hand and felt a small spark. Dinah ignored it and unpacked her boxes and had trouble fitting all her belongings on one puny desk. Normani was a very well known agent in the workplace, everyone knew her name and wanted to be her friend for some reason.

"So are you ready to be partners?" Normani asked with a wide smile.

"Sure," Dinah bluntly answered.

"Look I know you're used to working alone and so am I but this is my first time with a girl and I'm really excited."

Dinah gave Normani a questioning look.

"No! I mean first time working with a girl at work, not sex or-"

"Awkward," The Agent whose desk was pushed up against theirs sang. The two girls looked his way and Dinah couldn't help but smile. "I'm Nick Davis," The brown skinned man smiled at Normani.

"I know. So are you two.."

"No!" Dinah quickly said and shook her head.

Nick started laughing and clapping his hands. "That was a funny one. She's gay as hell!"

Dinah threw a book at him. "Would you chill?" Dinah opened her laptop and tried to do something productive.

"Oh," Normani stared at the agent across from her noticing her pretty brown eyes and layered blonde hair.

"Bet you didn't expect that but it's cool, we are gonna be a good team." Nick nodded and fixed his sleeves. "Me and DJ been best friends since the begging of this job and nothin's coming between that."

"You'll learn to tune him out." Dinah smiled at Agent Hamilton as she typed rather fast. "So tomorrow we are looking into a man who kidnapped five girls and we have to find out where he's keeping them. The first two girls were found off Jefferson freeway and the others  are yet to be found."

"The two girls were found..."

"Alive, but barely." Nick answered.

"Okay, well either he's keeping them near the freeway or he drove all that way just to leave them there. No," Normani thought about her own theory. "They escaped, are they at the hospital?"

"Yeah, two blocks away from here. By the way I am loving this new set up."

"Yeah we can be the holy trinity of FBI Agents." Dinah smiled.

"There we go I was waiting for a real smile from you." Normani said accidentally out loud.

Nick bit his lip to keep himself from smiling but he knew. He knew what was happening.

Dinah couldn't help but smile wider. "Well hopefully we get along well enough to be successful and smile more." Dinah let her eyes wonder Normani for the first time who was still standing up emptying her boxes. She noticed her tight pants and thick legs, she noticed how her shirt wasn't buttoned all the way to the collar. Dinah hated to think this but her new partner has a boyfriend. Dinah's eyes landed on Normani's left hand, no ring, maybe she's just seeing someone- not serious.

"If you stare any harder you're gonna burn a whole through her body," Agent Davis whispered.

Dinah peeled her eyes away from the brown skinned beauty and went back to typing.

"So, Normani, how about we all go out tonight? You know to celebrate the beginning of the holy trinity." Agent Davis gave Normani a hopeful look.

"Why are you only staring at me?" Normani asked as put up a picture of her and her boyfriend, she put it at an angle that Dinah and Nick couldn't see.

"Because Dinah and I are each other's wing men, where she goes I go and vice versa." Nick smiled and nodded at his best friend.

"Okay, I need to call someone I'll be back," Normani walked out into the hallway and called her boyfriend. It went straight to voice mail, he works in the police department. "Hey um- I'm going out with my co workers tonight so I have to cancel on the movie I'm sorry." Normani looked up and saw Dinah walking her way. "Okay bye!" She hung up the phone, that was the first time she hung up and didn't say I love you.

"Chief is calling a meeting." Dinah noticed that Normani was in a rush to hang up. "Who'd you call?"

"My mom, we haven't seen each other in a while and she wanted to meet up but I told her that I'm in a holy trinity and I just can't miss this celebration." Normani smiled while she told a lie and walked to the room where everyone was gathering.

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