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I was tagged by MrsEvanStan to do this tag, so here goes nothing!

1. Write 13 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you
3. Write 13 new questions for the people you tag
4. Tag 13 of your friends (I don't have 13 friends so im just kinda)

1. My birthday is March 26
2. My first fandom was the YouTube fandom
3. My favorite video game is Assassin's Creed
4. I really love Sebastian Stan
5. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance
6. I play electric guitar (not well, but I do it anyway)
7. I'm a huge Marvel nerd
8. Captain America: Civil War is going to be the death of me
9. My favorite movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier
10. I'm realizing how boring I am
11. My favorite Marvel characters are Bucky Barnes and Loki
12. I have ADD, Tourette's Syndrome, severe anxiety, depression, and probably a couple other things
13. I believe that 13 is an unlucky number so this tag is like holy crap

1. My favorite Marvel film, and also film in general, is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
2. My favorite actor is Sebastian Stan. For his acting ability, not his looks. He actually is a truly amazing actor and I don't over look that because he's got a pretty face, don't worry :)
3. My favorite song, right now, is Holding On To You by twenty one pilots.
4. Today I turned 15 years old :) (March 26, 2016)
5. No, I don't read or write smut.
6. My favorite OTP is probably Destiel.
7. I made my first Wattpad account like three years ago
8. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I prefer chocolate, sometimes I prefer sweets.
9. I'm pretty bad at any physical activity, so no I don't play sports.
10. Team Cap af because I don't believe that superheroes should have to register with the government. Honestly, most of the things they do are highly illegal and by registering like that they wouldn't be able to do Hal of what they do. Plus I don't want Bucky to go on trial bc he's my baby
11. Yes, I have Netflix
12. I don't really have too many friends on here... There's MrsEvanStan that is super cool and nice and then AAAgirlHey (and I'd love to be friends with a ton of people, but I'm awkward and scared to talk to them... Sigh...)
13. CRAP BRO IVE GOT ALL THIS MERCH HOW MUCH TIME YOU GOT I have a MCR shirt, a MCR scarf, a Party Poison MCR jacket, a funny "Rogers and Stark Avenge America 2016" sweatshirt, like 20 pairs of Captain America socks, a pair of captain America pajama pants, a shirt that says "I love Sebastian Stan, get over it", and like way too much more merch for literally all my fandoms it would take forever to tell you all of it

1. Do you have a cool nickname?
2. Favorite movie?
3. DC or Marvel (or neither)?
4. Favorite food?
5. Can you play any instruments?
6. Favorite song?
7. Would you ever think of changing your name?
8. Do you ever use a different name online than you do in real life?
9. What languages can you speak?
10. Are there any languages you would like to learn?
11. Are you superstitious?
12. Would you say you're more introverted or extroverted?
13. Dream vacation spot?

Okay so I tag nsavant because she tagged me in something similar, aaagirlhey (hoping that tags the KH because my WattPad is glitching omg) and DarthHux , plus anyone else who is bored and wants to do this. I don't really know many people on here so you can just take this and say I tagged you :)

Also this took forever for me to post holy crap sorry about that

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