Chapter 1

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I pulled Lucy back as she was almost hit by a car

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I pulled Lucy back as she was almost hit by a car. It was just after school and we were all supposed to be taking the train back home. Lucy and I were wearing our uniforms, red blazers and waistcoats, white shirts, a grey skirt or dress, a yellow and black tie, along with grey knee socks and school 'appropriate shoes', I just wore an old pair of comfortable black boots. Lucy had her case in hand while my purple, leather shoulder bag was slung over my shoulder. Her hair was in two plaited pig-tails which I had done for her this morning before school. Though most of her hair was hidden by the grey hat she was wearing on her head.

My hair was pulled back in a simple bun with three rose clips slipped in on top. I still wore my sun and moon ring as well as my sun and moon necklace that I still had with me from Narnia.

"Mind yourselves, loves," called the man driving the car. Lucy gave an apologetic look, while I just gave a wave of thanks for stopping. "Oh, we're sorry," said Lucy before she grabbed my hand in her one and dragged me over to where I could see Susan standing flipping through a magazine at a magazine stand.

I looked to Lucy as we jogged along, "Peter just had to get himself into another fight, didn't he?" Lucy rolled her eyes at me, "if I hadn't pulled you away to help me get Susan, you most likely would have joined in." I smirked and nodded, "true, true!"

We neared Susan and saw she was standing next to a tallish boy with round glasses, she looked as though she wished the ground would swallow her up. She said something to him just before Lucy and I called out, "Susan!"

We caught up to her and Lucy exclaimed desperately, "you better come quickly!" Susan glanced at us and then to the boy next to her before placing down the magazine and running with us back across the road and to the underground.

As we ran the stairs the shouting of students from both our school and the boys' school could be heard. As we got closer it was obvious what they were yelling, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" I rolled my eyes, 'so mature.' There was a large crowd of mainly boys from St. Finbars but there were a good number of girls from our school.

Together, Lucy and I pushed through the crowd to get closer and get a better look of what was happening, Susan was close behind us. We stopped and each gave a disapproving look as we spotted Peter being beaten up by some boys. I was concerned for Peter as it was two against one and they both had a hold on his arms.

Peter was crushed up against the wall and held there and when another boy went into attack, I felt someone give me a small shove to the side. Looking up I saw my twin brother, Edmund, making his way down towards the fight. "Edmund!" cried Lucy.

Edmund ignored her and tackled the boy that was about to attack Peter. "Ed!" I cried, nervously. I knew he could handle himself but I still worried.

Edmund was able to distract him but Peter was still fighting off the other two. He was rammed into the floor and on kicked him in the side. Edmund grabbed him and threw him away, unfortunately for Edmund, he didn't notice one of the boys sneaking up behind him. He was then also tackled to the ground and landed with a hard 'thud'. I winced at the sound and I couldn't contain it anymore.

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