Boarding School Part 1

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All names and characters are purely from within the imagination of the author and bear no resemblance to any living and not so living person unless stated otherwise. Although some situations are based on the authors memories or on those of others, who had shared them with the author.

Margaret's POV..

I have to say that who ever said boarding school was great had obviously never went to one.

I did and I hated it. I really and truly did.

The only thing I liked about it was meeting Violet who became my best friend. We would spend all our time together when we didn't have classes. Our sharing a dorm room was a bonus that helped to make our friendship grow.

I told her about how my parents had separated during the war when my father had been sent overseas to Papua New Guinea in service there. While he was there, our mother walked out one day. Just walked out. Needless to say, I ended up in a boarding school with my sister. Thus I became a resident of Miss Holmes School for Girls. It has, essentially, become my home since visits home to my grans were few and far between while our father was still away.

We did have a grandmother, as I mentioned who could have taken us, but she could only handle the boys, our brothers. At least for a while until our daddy came back. Then we moved in with him and our 'aunty' who lived around the corner.

But I did hope that I could stay with our grandmother instead. But she didn't want me, or my sister. But I didn't let that stop me from writing her letters every month. I would tell her how my sister and I were doing and what I was learning. Sometimes I would just tell her about this silly old bird that always came and sat outside my window on the window sill.

That bird came every morning like clockwork and I loved hearing it's birdsong. It reminded me of being at home when my parents were there, together. I miss them terribly I thought as a felt tears welling up in my eyes. I can remember some of the things that they even talked about. One of them was that they would have a big family.

They just had us four kids, two boys and two girls. But I liked the idea of having a big family myself one day, and I will. I'm going to have lots of kids. But I have to find someone to have them with first.

Violet's POV..

I hated it. I hated being here. I would rather be at home where I belong. I loved the open plains, the rugged mountains and the flowing rivers that ran past and through the place I called home. River Ridge, or 'The Double R' as some called it. It was so beautiful there. So peaceful and serene.

My parents only sent me here because they thought I had too much interest in the new station hand, Geoffrey. But it wasn't as if he had an interest in me though. He just though I was a snotty brat of a kid. I was sixteen, I was not a kid, I was a woman. But one he didn't want have any interest in or want anything to do with me.

Despite my attempts otherwise to gain his interest, he just ignored me. That was until my parents found out when I went sneaking off to see him out in the bunk house. Dad, who said he had gave up smoking was down behind the tack shed having one and saw me sneaking around when I should have been in bed.

So as I was about to make it to the bunk house, I heard my dad coughing and coming towards where I was hiding in the shadows and I had to bolt off back to my room before he caught me. But I didn't know that he had seen me until the following day when mum came to tell me that her and dad wanted to talk to me.

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