Twelve: Lydia

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     Everyone is so happy. Scott and Stiles. Malia and Kira. Liam and Brett. Me and Parrish.

     Mason's dating some kid named Corey. He's pretty cute. They're really good together.

    Allison and Isaac are dating. I guess Stiles was right about them. They're actually really cute together.

     Scott and Stiles aren't having problems anymore. Jackson's leaving them alone.

     Malia, Liam, and I will forever be fangirls. Stiles would never admit it, but he's one too.

     Malia, Liam, Stiles, and I are the best of friends. We're inseparable. We pretend to think we're better than everyone else. We gossip, fangirl, and insult each other. It's never going to change, but I don't it too.

     Ever since Malia and I heard the short version of how Liam and Brett git together, we've been wanting to know the whole story. Like I said, we're fangirls.

     A few weeks after Sciles got together. Stiles told Malia, Liam, and I that he had lost his v-card to Scott the night before. We had a little party. Stiles was the last one in the pack to lose his v-card, but we were proud of him.

     I've had a great life. I wouldn't want anything to change.

This is the last chapter. :'(

This chapter takes places years after the rest of the story.

I'm writing a prequel to this called 'Briam Is My OTP'. It's about how Briam got together. Please read it.

Thanks for reading! <3




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