Chapter 50

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Today was the day I was going to buy a dog. But I don't know any pet shops.

Anyways I had to go to carlos's house to pick up my bike. I had totally forgotten about that.

I had a shower and got dressed(outfit on side) and left my hair opened.

I left the keys with Nate yesterday and I told him to open up today.

It was 10 already and I was late. I went out the door and straight down to the lobby. I walked out to my car and started driving it.

I drove to my old house and parked the car outside. I walked towards the door and rang the bell and it opened immediately.

"Your late" Carlos said smirking

"Sorry" I said rolling my eyes and walked inside.

"Do you want anything to eat" he asked walking to the kitchen where Amanda was sat drinking coffee

"No thanks. I'm just here for the bike and then i'm leaving" I said and he turned around

"Why the rush. A date" Amanda asked and I smiled

"A date with the pet shop. Then yes" I said and Carlos looked relaxed.

"Pet shop. Eww I hate animals" Amanda said and put the coffee in the sink

"Oh well. I'm buying a dog. And can I get my bike now" I asked

"I'll fill it up for you" Carlos said and I nodded as he walked out the back door.

Amanda rolled her eyes and walked out the kitchen and I was left alone in the kitchen.

I went upstairs slower towards my old room. Let's see if it's changed I thought and opened the door slowly and walked in to be shocked.

There was a big picture of me and Carlos on the front wall. It was the picture we took when we went to the aquarium, him kissing my cheek.

I walked closer to the left wall to see there was pictures of me everywhere. The pictures were of me when I was in virginia, when we moved back. Me drinking coffee, me on campus, me talking to jess.

On the other wall there was pictures of all of them. All our friends.

"What the fuck" Amanda said walking in and I turned to her

"What is this" I said pointing the wall that had my pictures on it.

"Oh shit" carlos said running upstairs

"Yeh oh shit. Have you been stalking me Carlos. That's fucking creepy" I shosted and he walked closer to me

"It's not what it looks like rose" he said and I laughed

"It looks like you were talking pictures of me. When I was away. How long have you been stalking me" I asked and he sighed

"3 years" he said and I was shocked

"What the fuck. Fuck your bike" I said and about to walk out the room and he grabbed my hand and pulled me back

"I'm sorry rose. I promise it's not what it looks like. I just didn't want you to date anyone" he said and I scoffed and looked up at him

"So you can fucking date and I couldn't. What if I did date what the fuck would have you done" I shouted

"I would have stopped you." He said and I rolled my eye

"Your not my dad Carlos. Your not my boyfriend as well. You have a girlfriend" I said pointing to Amanda who was looking at the pictures and he sighed

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