Jeff the killer X Slenderman; Slendy's Game.

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Jeff looked down at the empty drink in his hand. This had been his fourth pitcher of beer. He poured himself the night's last glass and downed the bitter liquid in two large gulps. The feeling was pushing at the back of his mind. He eyed the slender bartender as she walked over. "Had enough?" the woman smirked and brushed her long hair from her face.

Jeff had found his victim. He ran his thumb along the edge of the knife on his pocket, causing a small cut to form. The small trickle of blood caused him to hunger for the sight of blood even more ferociously. "Yeah," His words slurred as he spoke. "But... I haven't had enough of your service," Jeff noticed the nervousness in the voice as the woman spoke, blushing.

"O.. Oh..." The woman looks down at jeff.

"Let me show you something. Come with me," He whispered, tracing his thumb along the woman's hand. The feeling was intensifying, and Jeff was willing to do anything to spill this woman's blood.

The bartender blushed. "Oh. S.. Sure." She beamed.

Jeff smirked. He could be quite the womanizer.

The woman, Lindsey was her name, shivered. "Its cold out here." She slid her hands into the pockets of her blue coat. "Hey... I didn't ask." She looked up at jeff, his hood still casting a shadow over his face.

"My name?" Jeff started to laugh, chuckling at first. His laughter gradually became louder and more insane. He grabbed the woman by her hair, yanking her face close to his and removing his hood. "My name... Is jeff the killer." He pulled out his knife.

The woman screamed at the sight of his face, his wide, unblinking eyes. The scarred, white skin of his face, the burnt black skin in place of his eyelids. Worst of all, his mouth was carved into a permanent smile. She gasped and tried to struggle away from jeff, kicking and clawing at him. "What the fuck are you?!" she yelled, almost sobbing.

Jeff laughed again, tilting his head back. "What do you think I am? I'm human." Jeff traced his knife along her face, a thin line of blood forming. The woman screamed and began to sob.

"Please!" She sobbed. "Please don't hurt me!"

Jeff began to carve her mouth, blood pouring down her chin and staining her sweater. "Don't you want to be beautiful?" He tilted his head and looked into her eyes, red and blotchy from tears. He laughed and pressed his knife into her throat, his laughter becoming louder as she gasped her final breath.

Jeff left the "smiling" corpse on the ground, walking through the woods. He heard sirens in the distance. She had screamed too loud. Jeff started running but stopped, feeling a chill down his spine.

He turned around to see a note nailed to a tree, fluttering in the breeze. He tore it off and held it close to his face, examining it. He frowned, well, tried to frown. All that the note had was an "o" with an "x" scratched messily through it. Jeff remembered the symbol from somewhere. He shivered as he turned around. Behind him was none other than slenderman.

Jeff gasped and fell to his knees, his vision becoming static. His world went black.

He woke up completely nude. The sky seemed even darker. Jeff was feeling something. Not the feeling. Jeff was scared. He looked around in panic, his heart pounding. His eyes were even wider, if possible, and his breathing was shallow. He could feel the thin mans presence near. "Wh... What do you want? Why haven't you killed me?" Jeff heard a deep chuckle, seeming to come from his own mind.

"Well, what fun would that be?" Slenderman echoed in a deep tone.

Jeff, disoriented and half drunk, got to his knees in an attempt to stand. Slenderman stepped out of the shadows and stood behind Jeff. "Nuh-uh-uh," Slenderman mused, pushing Jeff to his hands and knees with a long black tentacle. "I'm not nearly done with you." He slid a second tentacle around the boy's waist, constricting it slightly. Jeff gasped and blushed, the wet and surprisingly warm tentacle pulsating around his waist gave him a completely new feeling. A tingle all over.

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