Chapter 1

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In a small house in London there lived a family. A mother and a father, though the father was off fighting in the war. It was a terrible time. At night fears of bombs dropping from overhead and so all lights would be switched off so as in hope that there was less chance of them being hit.

Also in the house, were their five children. Peter, the eldest, was 16. He was tall with blond hair and brown eyes and cared greatly for his younger siblings, though he often was a bit harsh and bossy.

Susan was the second eldest, being 15. She was what her two younger sisters and younger brother called her, a-know-it-all. She always acted very grown up and seemed to believe she was better than the others but she still loved them. She had long dark hair and brown eyes.

Then there was Edmund, he was 14 and always seemed to be getting into trouble and never did as he was told. He wished to be grown up and treated as such. Most believed he only cared for himself but he cared much for his family and mostly he cared for his sister, his twin. He had dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes.

Dawn, who was also 14 and Edmund's twin sister and the younger twin. Was very adventurous and had a wide imagination which she shared with their younger sister Lucy. She loved books, like her older sister but was quite tomboyish and was closer to Peter and Edmund than she was to her older sister Susan. Her hair was long, down to her waist and was dark brown, very similar to Edmund's, though at times it could be seen to have a red tint to it. Her eyes unlike the rest of her family were a bright blue and she was quite small.

Last was Lucy. She was 12 and was very close with her sister, Dawn. They just understood each other better than the others did sometimes even more than Dawn and Ed. Lucy was very sweet and kind and always saw the good in other people. She never told lies and was quite smart for age. She had short brown hair and like the others (except Dawn) had large brown eyes. Lucy was the only one that had ever seen Dawn's hidden talents. Dawn could use magic.

Ever since she was born, Dawn was able to use her magic. She discovered it to be true when she was truly angry and accidentally set one of the living room curtains on fire. After that she practiced and soon she could control them and do what she pleased with them, though she was always scared to us them even in the tiniest ways just in case she was seen. As she grew her powers became stronger and she learned to master them. Lucy had seen her practicing once in their bedroom which they shared and Dawn had told her all about them and made her swear never to tell anyone.

When ever she used her powers, Dawn's blue eyes flashed bright gold. Dawn always felt like she didn't belong there on London or even England. She wasn't sure if she belonged anywhere. Were there other people like her? With magic? No, there wasn't and until she was proven otherwise, she was alone.

Late one night, all occupants of the Pevensie household were fast asleep. Until loud alarms started going off. Dawn ran from her room and straight into her twin brother. She quickly shook him awake and once he was she ran back into her room to get dressed.

Dawn then ran off in search of her mother, she wasn't in her room and she could hear the bombs going off outside. It wouldn't be long until they were over head. She crashed into her brother Peter, "where's-" but Peter had already fled down the hall leaving her by herself. She gave a sigh of irritation before once again dashing back down the hall.

It was only when she heard her mother scold Ed for something that she found her. Her twin had been standing at the window looking out. Their mother had found him and had pulled him back, "Edmund, get away from there!" she cried. "Peter! What do you think you are doing?!" asked their mother. Peter than flew past her and into the room. It was then she heard Lucy calling out from their bedroom. Dawn rushed past Susan who turned around calling after her, "Dawn, come on, we have to get to the shelter!" Dawn just waved her off and continued.

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