Chapter 8- Beyonce

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Chapter 8- Beyonce

I turn around and am relieved to see its not Dylan. Its London Starr. My eyes narrow, cat dragged in? "Mhmm, and you must be the cat. Although, you're probably a stray cat because nobody wants you but everyone will play with you for a while." I say and wink.

London glares at me, "Listen loser, just stay away from Dylan, okay?" I snort, "God I wish. If you could get him to stay away from me I would be happier than Beyonce." I say, rolling my eyes. "Yeah right, I see the way you blush when he touches you. You make it so obvious that you like him. Look, I don't care about your little crush because he wouldn't even look at you twice if he wasn't trying to irritate you."

I go red with anger. Stupid little- "Oh, ha ha. I'd slap you but that would be animal abuse. Looks like the one with a crush on Dylan isn't me. But honey, I don't mind if you're jealous. You can have Dylan for all I care. He wouldn't be trying to 'irritate' me if he knew that him touching me irritated me. So why don't you go and take your bitchiness elsewhere." I smile and turn away before she can answer.

"I know you don't want to admit it loser, but you're totally in love with Dylan!" London shouts.

The reason this pisses me off is because of the fact I definitely do not like Dylan, not even a tiny bit and someone telling me I love him just makes me want to kill them. I'm going to kill London.

I let out a fake laugh and skiff London, she is wearing butt shorts and a bikini top.  "Nice outfit. Go stand at a street corner, you could make some money." There are a few 'ooooh' and 'burrrrrrn's from the crowd. Crowd? I realize that a few nosy people have come to watch the scene. London goes red, "Yeah, w-well, at least I have cloths that aren't bought at Target." Oooh London, what a burn.

"I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing as though you never use it." I say. "Yeah well you're the reason your jean pool needs a life guard." London says. Oh its on ya lil' nasty. "You know, the smartest thing that ever came out your mouth was a penis." I say and smile innocently. There are more 'ooooh's from the crowd.

"The last time I saw a face like yours, I fed it a banana." London snarls. "Your legs are like tescos, open 24/7." I shoot back.

"W-well, just stay away from Dylan!" She says and spins around, walking away. "Leaving so soon? I was just about to poison your drink!" I say and smile, then turn and walk away. Yup, I may not be good at fighting but don't get into diss war with me. I'll tune your ugly ass to hell.

*sings* HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW! Bu du du du du du dum.

"Of course, you're the one causing the scene. Why am I not surprised?" Dylan says. I roll my eyes and walk away from him. If he just left me alone none of this would be happening in the first place.

But being the irritating little shit he is, Dylan follows me. "Where are you going?" Dylan asks. None of your business. "Why are you ignoring me?" Because you are an idiot. "Hey!" Dylan spins me around to face him, "Why you ignoring me princess?"

Princess? Dylan is definitely 100% drunk. He has never called me anything except nerd. But my stupid cheeks go red as hell and I quickly push Dylan away. He stumbles back and gains balance then grins like an adorable idiot.

Did I just think that?

"Like my house?" Dylan asks, still grinning. I don't reply. Dylan wraps his arms around my waist and hoists me into the air, I squeal then wrap my legs around his waist so he doesn't drop me. Stupid idiot- "I like this position." He says then winks. I go redder then I thought possible. "Mai?" Sebastian says, looking sadly at me and Dylan. Why is he sad?

Dylan puts me down and grins at Sebastian, "Bash!" Dylan shouts and pulls Sebastian into a bear hug. "Hey cupcake." Sebastian says to Dylan.

Awwwwwwww, he calls Dylan cupcake. I think I'm going to die. Sebastian is so adorable!

I chuckle, "Hey again, Sebastian."

"Sebby." He corrects me.

"Hey again, Sebby." I say, rolling my eyes but still smiling. Cupcake.

"Hey my Mai." Sebastian says with a goofy grin plastered to his sexy face. Weirdo.

I turn around for a second and turn back but both of them are gone. Thank god. I look around for Ruby, it's only nine but I am ready to leave. Just thinking about my soft and warm bed makes me sleepy.

Someone bumps into me and I almost fall over, "Oh shit, I'm sorry." A deep voice says.

Great, more humans.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, same.

P.s. Wow guys xD NOO Sebastian isn't gay. The way if a girl calls a girl cupcake its fine but if a guy calls a guy cupcake its gay... *sighs* just wanted to clear that up ;)

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