Chapter 1

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"Hey, Daniel," I sat in the living room sipping off the milk from my cereal as my mom called from the kitchen,"We need to talk to you."

It was probably about my grades or something she had just gotten off the phone with someone I'm guessing the school. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, setting down my cereal, and hopped off the couch toward them.

I tossed my phone on the counter,"Here, I know, One month for the F in Geometry." I frowned and began to walk away.

"No," she called as I walked away,"I saw that, I was gonna talk to you about that later." She said,"It's your Cousin Sawyer."

I glanced back over, turning around.

"Oh," I tightened my face,"What about him."

My mom looked very flatly at me,"Aunt Pam was taken to jail for child abuse..," she paused," Sawyer is coming to live with us now since both his parents are in jail..."

I smiled,"Oh," I picked my phone up,"Where will he stay?" I questioned. It was just a two bedroom house. My room and the master on the main level.

"Well," she said,"Thats why we needed to talk to you...,"

"He's gonna be staying in your room," my Father butted in bluntly.

"No," my smile faded,"There isn't any room." I was being honest, I liked my big King bed, and I wasn't giving that up,"Where would another bed go?"

She frowned again,"Just be nice Daniel...," she coughed,"We are trading your king bed in for two twin beds, you'll have your stuff and he'll have his, and get used to it because we don't know how long he will be here."

"Fine," I muttered,"When is he getting here?"

"Tomorrow," My dad said,"Please clean your room. He will be here when your at school, and your room with be done while your gone so I need it clean..." He frankly remarked.

Me and Sawyer always got along, I knew his parents had issues, but I didn't know he had been abused. So I sucked it up, you know. Maybe this was gonna be fun, having a brother for once. Even though he wasn't my brother. He wasn't ugly either. So it wouldn't be weird taking him into public. I guess it can't be too bad, it's gonna be weird having another person in my room. I hope he didn't care I was gay.

I came out when I was in 8th grade, and now being in 10th, I guess I didn't hold much back. I can be a little too much at times, I don't hold back for any one. Especially a straight boy.

I hadn't seen him in a while either, so it's gonna be weird seeing him in so long.

I sauntered up into my room. The dingy ceiling fan lit the room with a cold bluish white glow, pictures of my friends, family, and places I've been were tacked all over the wall.

I began peeling them off slowly, glancing at them and laying them on my bed.

I cleaned off my desk, removed the blankets from my bed, and sat quietly putting them in a box.

I created a bed with blankets in the corner as my dad came in and moved my bed out. I kinda teared up a bit. I won't be able to sprawl out anymore on my big fluffy bed.

I laid my head back against a stack of pillows as I played geometry dash on my phone.

"Thanks for being cooperative," my mom smiled leaning against my doorframe.

My room, now some what empty, the walls in decorated, a few hours gone, and my bed gone, my fan still stood shaking as its blades blew a cool breeze over my body.

"Sure," I smirked,"This is gonna be weird, like does any one but us know I'm gay in our family?" I inquired fixing my pillow.

"No, I'd just keep that on the down low, maybe try and keep it to yourself for a while so you don't scare him. He's been through a lot." She muse, but being totally honest.

"Fine," I said pulling a red boa from my window,"I'll try to be less sassy.." I shoved it the pillows,"Uggghhh,"

She laughed,"What have I created!" I heard her giggling as she walked down the stairs.

I glanced out the window next to me, the city sat out in the distance, and I watched cars pass the house. I slowly dozed off to sleep watching the sun set.


"BBEEEPPPGGZZZZZ" my phone vibrated as my alarm exploded, echoing slightly through out my room,"BBEEEPPPGGGZZZ!"

I woke up instantly, a light frost was over the grass now, the road was empty.

I clicked my alarm off, and sat up.

I heard my mom conversation with someone downstairs.

I sat up and walked to the bathroom, and peed.

I turned the shower on to heat up and walked down the stairs to say good morning.

As I made my way down my mom called,"Daniel, Sawyer is here early!"

I looked over at Sawyer as I skipped off the last step. He looked far older, a few bruises shattered over his face, and his hair was longer and flipped over his head, he sat next to a few boxes. His face was sullen.

"Hey," I said,"Umm, How's it going?"

He glanced over and gave a small smile, his muscles tightening.

"Alright, I guess."

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