Collab (Temporary Name)

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Hey everyone!

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't post another story until I finished mine. BUT! In my defence, this story was written a LONG time ago! Like last year! XD

It's not done yet. But there are a lot of chapters/parts done already!

It's a collab between myself and another wattpad author (who just joined wattpad today!) awesomesauce93! He writes an amazing HP fanfic so you guys have to check it out!!

Again, (like my last collab), what we do is this; he writes one chapter, I write another.

His character's name is Teri and mine is Austin. Hopefully as the story progresses you guys will be able to tell our writing styles apart!

Also, as you've probably noticed, the story is called 'Collab' because we're awesome people with insanely creative names! Haha. No, but it is just temporary since we can't figure out what to name it. So bear with us for a bit! And any suggestions would be much, much, much appreciated! 

Anyway, enough ramblings from me, read on! And go check out my friends profile and read and like and vote and comment on it!!

Thank you!


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