2 : School Day

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"Tsuna-hime, please wake up. We will be late if you don't wake up and prepare yourself now." Kyoko woke Tsunayuki up with slow voice, she didn't want to jot her princess to much.

"ermm.. I will, five more minutes please." Tsunayuki mumbled in her sleep.

"I will prepare your meal together with Haru. Please come down as soon as you have done, okay hime? I have prepare your school suit in the bathroom. Your bag on the table. I will excuse myself for now. Don't wake up too late okay?" Kyoko said again as she bow at Tsunayuki who still struggling to shush out her sleepiness away.

"O..kayy" Tsunayuki's eyes dropping and she fall asleep back as soon as the door closed.

Five minutes passed but Tsunayuki still didn't have any intention on waking up.

"Dame-Tsuna, wake up now!" An electric shot were given by Reborn at Tsunayuki's leg causing the girl to scream out of shock and hurt.

"Reborn! you're hurting me!! Stop doing that!" Tsunayuki angered. She stare at Reborn with murderous glare.

"I have been given the task to become your home tutor by your parents. I also have been given the permission to do whatever I want to you. Either you like it or not, I have the power to do anything. " Reborn smirked evilly toward Tsunayuki. Reborn is wearing his usual black suit, being matched together with the fedora and not forgetting her curly hair below his ears. (He is the adult Reborn)

"I hate you Reborn!" Tsunayuki shouted as she get up from the bed, proceed toward the bathroom and bang the bathroom door.

"*sigh, she still need to be train about proper manner toward older." Reborn exiting the room.


The sound of footsteps could be heard from the stair. The servants and the bodyguards already waiting for their princess to enter the dining room. As Tsunayuki entering the dining room, the servants and bodyguards bowing at her.

Guess what face she make?

Annoyed, irritated and a bit angry..?

"What are you guys doing?" She asked with a stern voice.

"Welcoming you Tsunayuki-hime" The servants and bodyguards replied.

Stepping forward toward one of the bodyguards, she punch the bodyguard on the head. The bodyguard shocked causing him to yelp instantaneously.

"Hime-san, what have I done to you that make you so angry?" asked the bodyguard.

Tsunayuki step forward, standing at the middle of them all.

"I am angry. You're my friends not bodyguards, Hayato! You guys too! Takeshi,Ryohei,Lambo, Nagi, Mukuro, Kyoya, Kyoko,Haru! Stop acting like that. I hate it" Tsunayuki let out her outburst but as the words goes on, it become softer. (I am sorry for making Mukuro and Hibari bowing at Tsunayuki T^T )

Their eyes widen.

"But we have been assigned by His Majesty and The Queen to guard you, to become your bodyguards as soon as you move here." Hayato said with unsatisfied tone with the mix of guilty.

"Yes you are going to guard me, but I still can't accept you guys as my bodyguards and servants. Accept it already and don't ever call me hime here. Alright?" Tsunayuki gave them her warm smile.

They blushed of course. She is cute.

"Hahaha, my nickname to you didn't even have hime. So I can call you the same as before" Takeshi carelessly laughed.

"You! respect Tsunayuki-sama more!" Hayato yelled at Takeshi.

"Yare yare.. I will call you Tsu Tsu then" Lambo said as he licking his lollipop.

"Uno..Tsuna-nee right?" Nagi asked nervously. Tsunayuki nodded her head with a smile.

"Alright Tsuna-chan!" Haru and Kyoko screamed in delight.

"Tsuna-chan.. Woahhh! That extreme!"Ryohei shouted as his right hand punch to the air.

'What so extreme with that name?' Tsunayuki sweetdropped.

"Hn. Carnivore" Kyoya stated.

"Hibari!! who are you calling carnivore?! Respect Tsunayuki-sama more!" Hayato yelled unsatisfied.

Kyoya give a sharp stare at Hayato before move to other place, ignoring him completely.

"You..!!!" Hayato angered.

"Kufufufu, if you said so hime-chan" Mukuro said. Before he could register, a punch already arrive at his stomach but he managed to hold the punch by his hand. It was Tsunayuki's.

"For the last time I give you a warning. Don't call me hime" Tsunayuki gave a dangerous smile. There also an anger sign at her head.

"Kufufufu.. Alright then, Tsuna-chan." Mukuro shrugged his shoulder with a playful look.

"It settled then. Now, let us have breakfast or we will be late" Tsunayuki walked toward the dining table. When she took a look at the Dining Table, she can't help herself not to opened her jaw widely.

"You're late Dame-Tsuna. I have eaten your breakfast" Reborn smirked.

"W-what?! Reborn..!!!!!" Tsunayuki screamed.


"I am Sawada Tsunayuki. I just moved to this city a few days ago because I have a full interest in Namimori. It nice to meet you guys. Please be nice to me" Tsunayuki bowed in front of the class. The occupants in the classroom clapped their hand for new students, who just have introduce themselves.

"Alright, you may take your sit Gokudera, Sawada, and Sasagawa" The classroom teacher show their table.

Why all of them not in the same classroom?

That is because they are not in the same grade. Kyoya, Ryohei and Mukuro in the third grade. Tsunayuki, Hayato, Takeshi,Haru and Kyoko are in the second grade. Meanwhile for Lambo and Chrome, they are in the first grade. Furthermore,  Tsunayuki insisted to make any commotion or unanswerable questions between the students and teachers about their registrations on the same day at this school.

Her friends respect her choice.

After the class end, Hayato and Kyoko comes to Tsunayuki's table. They talked to each other before being greeted by their classmates. As the group keep on introducing themselves, there are several students at the corner of the classroom,  three students to be exact were looking at Tsunayuki and Kyoko with cynical look. 

"They are not going to replace our popularity in either in this class or the school." The girl with dark blue hair gave a evil stare toward them.

"Of course. We will never lost to them. Look how innocent they are. We can manipulate them in one push" The dark green hair girl, who standing beside the dark blue hair girl said with a smirk. 

"Let us introduce our self" The last girl from the group with black hair punched her palm with her other hand and glare at Tsunayuki with murderous glare.


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