Chapter 13: Demon Queen

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She'd left, where had she gone? He saw her one moment but then she was gone the next. Meathil was gone, and what he saw looked unreal. She'd gone through the... The things eyes. That creature that towered over him, Meathil had... Why did she do it? Why did she have to sacrifice herself? Was she dead? The questions hurtled around in his head. Eglanor stood with Rivornor searching through books, shuffling through paper until he cut his hand. She left, but why? Why the hell did she have to go? She was in danger and he couldn't do a damn thing! He wished he could do something. Eglanor paced around the deck and saw many worried looks. He wasn't the only one who worried, everyone's captain was missing and no one could do anything about it. He wished he could have learned to fight better, all he new was basic sword use, nothing special. He knew hand to hand combat too, but that obviously wouldn't work on this beast. Eglanor took a book and walked to the Belinil. The poor girl was almost on the ground, the magic was so, power consuming. He needed to find out a way to get her back. Mea.

"Eglanor! What did you find out? Can we do anything?!" Hyril asked in her warrior tone. She stood tall and independent, warrior was indeed a good title for her. He looked at the monstrous creature, then back at the book in his hand. There was nothing, nothing he could find, nothing that could be used to help. The king used to be a wondrous and beautiful creature, all the sailors would love visiting the seas because of the king. The creature used to give sailors a safe guiding rode in the seas, no one would ever get lost if blessed by him. He couldn't believe that the beast in front of him used to be a beautiful gold color with big mesmerizing ocean blue eyes. That was the creature written in the books as the king, so what happened? He didn't know, and frankly didn't care, all he wanted to know was were Meathil had went. If she was safe? If she was hurt? If...She was dead? He couldn't let himself think that way, of course she was fine, she was Meathil. Nothing could hurt that girl, he had witnessed it himself. Her father always thought she was a disgrace to the family, as Cameaneth got stronger, Meathil always seemed weaker. But, he believed in her, he knew she was stronger than many perceived her to be. And anyone who thought she wasn't, well they were extremely dumb then. Eglanor paced around the ship, glancing back and forth between him and the creature. The king. "Eglanor! Did you find anything?" He hesitantly answered.



She scanned the woman, the person in front of her. The silvery skin made her skin crawl and the dead look in the girls blood red eyes. The game, it would be more than difficult, it would be impossible. She looked around her, the ground seemed to be steady now. There was no thrashing of shadows, or tipping of ceilings. There was only Meathil, the shadow woman, and the golden gem.

"You remember the bargain right?" She spoke, the words sizzling into the air like acid. Meathil couldn't tell what it was, but the voice of the woman, was so malicious. She shuddered at the thought of what the woman might do to her if she lost. She held her place, standing with authority.

"Yes, I remember. But, before we play the game, I demand you tell me your name?" She saw the eyes of the woman flicker, a flash of restlessness was what radiated from them. "It is only proper don't you think?"

"Yes, I suppose so. You may call me the demon queen. Because those demon shadows before you see, were all in my control. I am the one who rules over this beast and I am not going to loose to a measly original like you." Original? Oh right, she was of the original Venus species, but why did that matter to this demon queen? She thought it through quietly and focused deeply on it. Meathil looked at the girl and then at the darkness around them, this was all her doing? She must be pretty powerful to have the ability to inflict this all. Meathil frown herself becoming a bit scared, which is a disease no one should have. Fear is a weakness, all weaknesses must be destroyed.

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