Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (17)

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Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (Chapter 17)

You have no idea how fun it was writing this!!! And random mix of music, I know, but it is just what I was listening to whilst writing this, so I figured...

And thanks to all my fans (hehe, I feel weird saying that! XD), you are all great, thankyou all for following my story.

So, hope you enjoy!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p3c0auE1YQ&NR=1 (Ice Planet by Two Steps From Hell)

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Entrance #1

I woke up early the next morning, my dream still troubling me. I was groggy, and tired, but eager to be awake before the Varns returned. It was Monday, and the storm was just a distant memory. The sun was breaking through the fluffy white clouds, and the day had a summery feel to it.

I quickly got ready, and headed out, but not before glancing at the clock. 4:30am! Bloody hell, must be a record! I reached the top of the stairs, and stopped dead in my tracks. My mouth fell open.

Lets just say the Varns had returned.

But they weren't alone.

I gawped down at the sight below me, and slowly everyone turned. First to look up was Fabian, who smiled. Kaspar turned, a scowl on his face. In a flash, twenty other vampires were staring up at me. I glared back, clearly showing my displeasure.

Do they always bring back 'friends'?

They were mostly men, but there were a couple of women too. I spotted Charity in the centre, shooting me murderous looks. They were a mix of ages, some looking as young as Kaspar; some looked like they should be lying in a coffin right now.

There was a wolf whistle from the bottom of the stairs, and I looked down, looking for the source of the sound. Leaning against the bottom step was an amazingly handsome guy, his brown tussled hair cut short, a little stubble on his chin. He had brown eyes, which reminded me of Joel's. He looked up casually at me, clearly staring at my breasts.

"Who's the hot chick, Kaspar?" He whistled once more. He had a thick American accent, and his skin wasn't as pale as any of the English vampires.

"Who's the leech?" I retorted, not liking this guy already.

"Whoa! Human chick!" he smirked. I rolled my eyes at him.

"You must be Violet," some seriously old dude said.

"The one and only," I replied. Somehow rebelling against strangers was satisfying. I walked down the stairs, very aware of the stares coming my way. Suddenly, a huge blue bag was being flung my way. I caught it, wincing a little. Man, was it heavy.

"Your stuff," Kaspar said. I flung it over my shoulder with a wince, glad it was just clothes. I walked up the stairs, walking back into my room, but not before screaming back down,


Entrance #2

I flung the bag onto the bed, and ripped the zipper across. I rummaged through, various items of clothing flying everywhere. After a minute or so, I found what I was looking for. I pulled of my top, and slipped another one on instead. It showed a little bit too much cleavage, but it was an awesome top.

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