Eleven: Third Person POV

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     Stiles is walking down the school hallway with Scott. The latter suddenly pulls Stiles into a janitors closet.

     "Sc-" Stiles starts.

     Scott smashs his lips against Stiles'. Stiles runs his fingers through Scott's hair with one hand while the other is dangerously close to Scott's ass. Scott has one hand on the wall beside Stiles' head, the other roaming around Stiles' body frantically.

     Scott pulls away just to suck on his boyfriend's neck and leave a mark. Scott puts both hands on the back sides of Stiles's thighs and lifts him up. Stiles wraps him legs around Scott's waist and arms around his neck. His back against the wall.

     Scott attacks Stiles's lips with his own again.

     No, they don't have sex in the janitor's closet. Skip to after their make-out session.

     Scott and Stiles rush out the janitor's closet as the bell for lunch rings. They don't get very far because they smack into someone. They look up and none other than Jackson.

     Jackson looks at them with disgust, then walks away without a single word.

     "That was weird," Stiles says.

    "The make-out session?" Scott asks. "Or Jackson being here when he's supposed to be in London?"

     "Jackson was weird," Stiles replies. "The make-out session was fantastic."

     They laugh as they walk to lunch. Scott grabs Stiles' hand right before they walk inside. Stiles freezes.

     "You sure you want everyone to know?" Stiles asks.

     Scott smiles nodds. He pulls Stiles next to him and wraps his arm around Stiles' waist. They walk in and sit with their friends.


     Stiles is in the lockeroom grabbing his clothes while Scott waits in the jeep for him. Scott wanted to come with, but Stiles said he would be fine.

     Just as Stiles is about to walk back out, Jackson comes in. He grabs the front of Stiles' shirt in his fists as he closes the door with his foot.

     "You turned Scott gay!" Jackson yelled. "He's your boyfriend now! Get someone who actually loves you!"

     Jackson punches Stiles repeatedly in the stomach and once in the face. He kicks Stiles.

     He continues to beat Stiles until he hears a loud growl full with emotion. He drops Stiles and turns to face Scott.
     "Leave him alone!" Scott yells.

     "Why?" Jackson asks. "All he's done is make you gay!"

     "I don't care!" Scott yells. "Just leave him alone!"

     "Well I do care!" Jackson shouts. "You and I were friends until this freakshow came along!"

     I'd like to clarify something. In this story, Jackson and Scott were friends before Scott became friends with Stiles. Jackson got made because Scott started hanging out with Stiles more than him. Jackson is also homophobic.

     Scott rushs forward and grabs Jackson. He throws him across the room. Scott grabs Stiles and carries him to the jeep.

     "Stiles, I need your keys," Scott says as he places Stiles in the passenger seat.

     Stiles hands him his keys.

     Scott drives to his house.

      "I'm so sorry about Jackson, Stiles," Scott says as they lay on Scott's bed.

     Stiles isn't bleeding anymore, he wasn't even really bleeding in the first place. It's all just bruises.

     "It's okay, Scott," Stiles says.

     "No, it's not. He beat you up becauae of me," Scott says as he begins to cry.

      Stiles lays his head on Scott's chest and grabs his hand as a way to comfort him.

     "Scott, I'll be okay," Stiles says. "But I need to ask you something."

     "Go ahead," Scott replies as he wipes his tears.

     "Are you gay?"

     "I don't know. I think I'm either bi or just gay for you." He laughs slightly.

     "I love you, Scott."
     "I love you too, Stiles. I always will."

I feel the need to cry! Such a sweet, romantic ending. Well, it wasn't that romantic, but it was still romantic.

This is NOT the last chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading! <3


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