Chapter 48

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I woke up to someone ringing the bell on the door. I got up from bed and looked at my clothes.

Who opens a door in a tank top and bed shorts I thought as I heard someone knocking on my door again. I put my hair in a messy bun and walked out my room toward the door.

"Who gets up this early" I said and opened the door to see Carlos smirking

"I do" he said and I walked to the living room

"What do you want Carlos" I said and sat down.

"Did you know your living in my hotel" he said smirking and I looked at him.

"What" I said

"Your living in my hotel. I bought this off kyle Anderson" he said and sat down next to me

"If I knew I would have got a room in another hotel" I mumbled and he smirked

"Watch what you say rose" he said and I sighed

"Why are you here carlos. Its only 7.30 yet and i'm not going to even ask how you found me " I said and he stood up

"I'm inviting you to a party. Today at 6" he said and I shook my head

"No I don't want to come" I said

"you can bring your boyfriend with you as well" he said and I sighed

"He is not my boyfriend carlos. Okay and i'm not coming" I said and he leaned down next to my ear.

"Good because you mine" he whispered and walked out the living room

"See you at 6 and i'll text you the place" he said and closed the door behind him

I'm not even going to ask how he knows my new number I thought and went to my room.

I called Nate and told him to come and pick the keys up. I was going to let Nate open up today so I could get ready and go buy a dress.

I had given the keys to Nate and he went back to the restaurant. It was 12 now and I was dressed in jeans and a white top.

I drove to the mall and went inside quickly. I went to a few shops and found a white sparkly dress. It was perfect. I bought it and I bought black heels with a bow on it. They looked cute. I was finished in 2 hours. I bought a chicken tikka sandwich from Subway and then drove home.

I took the bags upstairs to my penthouse and put the bags in my room. It was 3 now and I still had an hour to rest.

I watched t.v for an hour and then started getting ready when it was 4 o'clock

I had a shower, and curled my hair. I did my make up dark and then wore my dress. I wore my shoes and looked in the mirror.

Stunning. You don't need a guy to tell you that I thought and smirked

I looked at my phone to see the address on a new number and I saved it as Carlos- asshole😈.
I put my phone and money in a clutch and walked out the room.

I went downstairs and out the door ignoring all the stares.

I drove to the address and was shocked to see a big hall with grand cars outside. It's good I had my audi r8.

I drove through the gate and parked the car outside and got out.

"Shall I park your car m'am" a bell boy asked and I nodded

"Yes please" I said and gave him my keys.

"Ok. I'll leave the keys at the reception" he said and took them and I nodded.

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